Tuesday, 12, July 2016

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The Dupont Circle

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Nicola Brady

The Cocktail Sensation Hitting Washington

The hottest new drink in town

Fancy a new cocktail experience in the heart of Washington DC? The Summer Punch bowls are the perfect way to share a drink with friends in the city.

You can always be sure of a good cocktail at Bar Dupont. When Happy Hour rolls around, you’ll find a crowd of the city’s movers and shakers making a beeline for the sunny patio, ready to unwind with a well-made drink and a spot of gossip.

But while the bar is well known for its impeccable classics (think a timeless Old Fashioned or Vesper Martini) as well as its innovative new concoctions (utilising homemade shrubs, bitters and syrups) there’s a new cocktail craze in town.

When the summer rolls around, the tapas mentality seems like such a good idea – sharing dishes of charcuterie, cheeses or Mediterranean treats, while the chilled drinks flow.

Share a summer cocktail punch bowl on the sunny terrace in the middle of Washington DC at Bar Dupont with live music every week.

So why not continue the theme when it comes to your cocktail? The Summer Punch Bowls are just made for long, sunny afternoons, a gentle warm breeze drifting through the city. Served up in cute pineapple pots, Bar Dupont have created three varieties of punch that you can share with a friend…

Pillow Punch

A blend of Absolut Elyx, spices, and “a bunch of other stuff!”

Banzai Pipeline

With Absolut Elyx, Mezcal, pineapple syrup, Ancho Reyes and zesty lime

Heavenly Stairs

Absolut Elyx, Absolut Wild Tea, Green Tea & Honey Syrup and Oleo Sacchrum 

The punch bowls are served chilled, with a little ladle so you can fill your own crystal tumblers as you wish. And the terrace of Bar Dupont is the best place to kick back… watch the world go by from your plush outdoor couch, take in a bit of sun and say goodbye to the day.  

Don’t forget, there’s also a side of live music served with your drink, every Tuesday throughout the summer. Look out for a post next week with more about Dupont Live.

The punch bowls cost $13 per person, with a minimum of two people per bowl. You can check out more about Bar Dupont, including the excellent cocktail menu, on the website.