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The Dupont Circle

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Nicola Brady

The Little Touches at The Dupont Circle

Luxurious extras in Washington D.C.

It's the little touches that make the different in a hotel - The Dupont Circle has free wifi, water, heated floors and iPhone docks.

We all know that it’s the little things that make a hotel special. Whether it’s a thoughtful treat on your bed at the end of the day, or a fabulous product in the bathroom, the small details can elevate a break into legendary status.

At The Dupont Circle, you can see that the small touches make all the difference. Though with each upgrade in room you see a change in amenities (more space, larger televisions, Nespresso machines etc), you’ll find the same luxurious finishes in every room…

The Dupont Circle isn't just home to an excellent location in Washington DC. You also get free wifi, Irish linen and comfy beds.

The Bedding

If you ask people what they enjoy about a luxurious hotel, it’s almost guaranteed that a plush bed will come up top of the list. Nothing beats slipping between freshly laundered sheets, under a fluffy duvet and atop a perfect mattress. All of the rooms at The Dupont Circle have duck down duvets and the finest linens. In fact, the bed sheets are all 300-thread count Lissadell Linen, so a great night sleep is all but guaranteed.  

The Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom is something that everyone can appreciate, and the bathrooms at The Dupont Circle have a little hidden extra – heated floors. Imagine hopping out of the shower, the scent of Aromatherapy Associates shower gel in the air, and stepping onto a warm floor. It’s things like that that make all the difference in the morning.

The Entertainment

Sometimes, you just want to listen to a few of your favourite songs as you get ready, or just relax in your room. Each of the rooms have an iHome station, so you can plug in your phone and have your whole catalogue at your fingertips. If you want to chill out with a movie, then every room has a flat screen TV, starting at 32” in the Superior Rooms.

The Basics

It can be so frustrating to check into a hotel only to find that WiFi comes at an extra fee. Or to be gasping for a drink, only to see a $5 price tag on a small bottle of water. Well, both are included in all room levels at The Dupont Circle – free WiFi is available in both the rooms and all of the public areas, and is quick and easy to log into. You’ll also find complimentary water by your bedside.

Rates start at $129 per night. You can see more about the hotel and all of the rooms and suites on the website.