Wednesday, 14, September 2016

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The Westbury

WelleCo smoothies from Elle Macpherson at The Juicery

Expert Goodness

A fabulous new juice and smoothie menu has arrived at The Juicery, packed full of green goodness and new protein powder smoothies from Elle Macpherson’s WelleCo

The Juicery Signature Juices and Blends

The Juicery's signature juices and blends

Who doesn’t like the sound of a fat flushing elixir created in part by Elle ‘The Body’ Macpherson? If just the sound of that doesn’t make you feel instantly lighter on your feet then I don’t know what will. So what is this wondrous elixir?

The wholefood supplement comes from Australian company WelleCo, of which Elle Macpherson is one third. She has teamed up with two other power women including Dr Simone Laubscher who has a PHD in Oxidative Stress and specialises in treating obesity, eating disorders and diabetes, among other diseases.

The Juicery Blueberries Coconut Smoothie

The Juicery's Boosting Berry Smoothie

Their nourishing protein supplement is being mixed in with delicious ingredients like almond milk, frozen berries, bananas, kiwis and dates as part of the new menu at  The Juicery.

Also sitting alongside the smoothies are juices such as London Greens, which will help you recover potassium post-work out and lists pear, spinach, cucumber, basil, lime and coconut water among its ingredients.

The Juicery Super Green Smoothie

The Juicery's London Greens Smoothie

For an antioxidant boost the menu boasts watermelon and mint juice or turbo charge your drink into the ultimate health fix by adding the likes of superfoods supplements or maca.  And if none of this takes your fancy, you can dream up your own concoction mixing together any of the ingredients in a combination that suits you. 

Work up an appetite for the new menu with a complimentary (for guests) fitness, combat, Pilates or Yoga class in Third Space.