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London Calling

Take a tour of the framed city's neighbourhoods - The Improper Bostonian

To the unfamiliar, London can feel overwhelming—a monolithic and somewhat monotonous metropolis of seemingly endless white Georgian squares, rows of mews houses and a maze of streets that seems to follow no discernible pattern.

Like all major cities, though, it’s better understood as a vast collection of neighborhoods, and one way to experience them is by staying at the three London properties owned by the Doyle Collection—a Dublin-based chain of luxury boutique hotels.


Exploring London's Neighbourhoods

As London gears up for the royal wedding, a look at three villages that helped define it - The Star Telegram

Like most cities, London consists of villages that gradually coalesced into towns and then reached critical mass. Unlike most cities, London’s villages have cool, evocative names — Spitalfields, Knightsbridge, Shepherd’s Bush and so on.

But have they kept their charm, too? I thought it might be fun, prior to the invasion for Harry and Meghan’s wedding next month, to check out three villages and see what remained from centuries past of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.