The only place in town

Mats Klingberb

Mats Klingberg Managing Director of Trunk Clothiers

I’ve lived in Marylebone ever since I moved to London from Stockholm twelve years ago, and Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street remains my favourite place in the area to this day.

My first London flat was practically right above Daunt’s so I couldn’t miss it. They always do a great job of inviting people into the shop with creative windows, so even if I hadn’t lived above it, I reckon I would have discovered it pretty quickly. When you’re looking in from the outside it always looks nice and cosy, so you’re often tempted to go in and see what’s going on…

Daunt Books

I think its success is down to a combination of three things: space, product and people. The space itself is beautiful and has an old-school charm – it feels more library than bookshop. Part of the building is over a hundred years old and it was originally an antiquarian bookshop –alleged to be the first custom-built bookshop in the world.

 The people working in the shop love books and are great at giving recommendations. The way they promote the books and engage with their customers is very different from most other bookshops – there’s not a ‘BOGOF’ offer in sight.