Sunday, 09, May 2021

How We Are Reducing Our Paper Use

At the Doyle Collection we are always looking for ways we can make our luxury hotels more sustainable.

We have consistently reduced our paper use across our hotels over the last few years. We measure our in-house printing and set targets to reduce what we print in each hotel by measuring the amount of trees we save by not printing. 

A forest trail through the trees


Did you know a tree breaks down into 8,300 sheets of A4 paper?

Every year our goal is to reduce the in-house prints by one sheet of paper per room sold.  This saves up to 60 trees each year throughout the group.

We also have reduced our paper use by switching to digital process to onboard staff and deliver training as well as using online payslips. 

Reception desk at The Kensington hotel


We deliver our guest bills via email (unless otherwise requested) and we try to avoid printing till receipts, which are not recyclable.

We offer guests a wide range of digital selection of newspapers and magazines, e-books and children’s activities that can all be accessed and downloaded during their stay.

The Bloomsbury Club bar


We have recently introduced QR codes to access our menus at each of our luxury hotels and we will continue to look at innovative ways to use technology to reduce our paper use.

This is part of our larger ambitious sustainable goals across our hotel group. For more on those click here.