Sunday, 09, May 2021

We Are Proud To Support TreeAid

At the Doyle Collection, we are immensely proud to be working with TreeAid, as part of our team recognition programme.

We give team members the option to plant a tree with TreeAid instead of an experience when they have collected enough points for exemplary behaviour.

What is TreeAid?

TreeAid don’t just plant trees and walk away.

They work with local people to make sure communities have the training and tools they need for each tree to thrive. Trees can then provide food and income for local people, help restore land and protect the environment.

A farmer planting trees

Image Credit: TreeAid

They grow trees which grow businesses, often led by women. This gives communities an income today and stability for the future. Every tree they grow or protect is part of something bigger. It’s helping to challenge the effects of the climate crisis and tackle hunger and poverty.

TreeAid mostly works in the drylands of Africa. In the Sahel region, over 350 million people’s lives are affected by a drastic reduction in fertile land and the climate crisis. Here, people’s day to day lives and livelihoods are devastated by the climate crisis

It’s tree planting programmes help to tackle poverty and protect land. The trees provide healthy food and an income that helps people manage their land and resources in a way that stops fertile land being lost.

All of its work feeds into the long term project, The Great Green Wall, which looks to restore trees across Africa, from coast to coast. So far, they have grown over 22 million trees and worked with over 2 million people and we are proud to do our bit to contribute to this great work.

Hands full of ground seeds

Image Credit: TreeAid