jeudi, 25, mai 2023

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The Dupont Circle

An Artful Oasis Opens at Doyle

Experience ‘Dreaming in Color’ — where creativity and culture collide

Champagne cocktails at Doyle bar



Drawing inspiration from Dupont Circle, the vibrant hub of D.C.'s art scene, 'Dreaming in Color' is an immersive oasis of creativity and culture that brings together the vivid flavors of a classic French aperitif like the Lillet Spritz, a stunning floral design by Brightly Ever After, and captivating art by local artist Maggie O'Neill on the lush terrace of Doyle a mid-century cocktail bar at The Dupont Circle hotel.


Pink Pineapple Skies painting by Maggie O'Neill


Step onto the terrace at Doyle and be transported to a whimsical wonderland awash in color. The mesmerizing floral wall enchants you with its kaleidoscope of sunset hues and textures. The petals and blooms dance in the gentle breeze, inviting you to wander through this dreamlike setting. As you explore, you'll discover Maggie O'Neill's art accenting the terrace’s design, with each piece celebrating the beauty and spirit of our beloved hometown, and the Nation's Capital. 


Terrace at Doyle bar


But the true masterpiece of this experience lies in the artful libations. Each cocktail is a sensory journey, a symphony of colors and flavors that tantalize your taste buds and transport you to another world. From the fruity notes of Lillet Blanc to the herbaceous undertones of Lillet Rose, each exquisite tipple is a work of art. And with every sip, you can make a difference in the community by supporting the Washington Studio School in Dupont Circle. One dollar from every cocktail sold will be donated to support their mission of transforming lives through art education. 

This summer, plan your stay at The Dupont Circle and escape to our artful oasis, where stunning florals, captivating art, and exquisite cocktails come together to create and unforgettable experience.