We guarantee that for any hotel reservation made on doylecollection.com you will not find a better room rate publicly available on the Internet for that same room type in the same Doyle Collection Hotel on the same date. If, having made a booking on doylecollection.com, you should find a lower publicly available price, for the same room at the same hotel elsewhere on the internet within 24 hours of booking we will honour that rate. Terms and conditions apply and are detailed below.

NB: Claims can only be made online via the lowest rate application form and must be made within 24 hours of booking.


  • This offer is valid only to guests who have booked their hotel room via www.doylecollection.com.
  • The Best Guarantee does not apply to rates that are not generally available to the public over the Internet, including private rates, rates that are part of a package, corporate or travel agent rates, conference rates and any rates that are targeted towards a specific group of individuals and not the wider public.
    • Obtained a confirmed reservation and confirmation number by booking through doylecollection.com.
    • Located elsewhere on the Internet an available room at a lower room rate for the same room and bed type in the same Doyle Collection Hotel for the same dates.
    • Emailed us your claim complying in full with the claims procedure below (the "Claim") within 24 hours of receipt of your confirmed reservation number.
  • If you qualify for the Doyle Collection Internet Price Promise, we will match the competing Rate for the room reservation for which you have submitted the relevant Claim. The discount does not apply to any charges additional to the charge for the room reservation, including any taxes, service charge, food or drink, or other charges that may be connected with your reservation.
  • An acceptable form of evidence must prove the availability of the competing rate. An "acceptable" form of evidence will be the forwarding to us of an official print screen or email confirming a reservation by you with the competing website which offers the lower rate than that on www.doylecollection.com or such other evidence as Doyle Collection may in its absolute discretion deem acceptable from time to time. This evidence must be submitted with your Claim.


Obtain your confirmation number of the reservation at www.doylecollection.com.

Complete your claim form online and return to us.

Claim will be verified and we will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

Claim must include the following:

  • Full web address of website where the lower rate has appeared
  • Confirmation Reservation number
  • The price offered by the competing website
  • Proof of the lower rate obtained by the website (Print Screen or Reservation details)
  • Your Full Contact details, email address & telephone number

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