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The Bristol

An Instagrammers Guide to Bristol

American travel blogger Supal Desai reveals her favourite Instagrammable spots to visit during a weekend in Bristol

Words by Supal Desai of Chevrons & Eclairs

As an American living in the UK, I regularly experience being extra excited about exploring unique places around the country. I was especially excited to visit Bristol as I knew it was the home of Banksy and a place that thrives off of creativity. Little did I know, that Bristol had so much to boast about. As a travel and lifestyle blogger, I found that Bristol was incredibly easy to photograph: read on for my Instagrammers guide to Bristol featuring the must-visit spots that should not be missed.

The View From The Bristol Hotel

A trip to Bristol wouldn’t be complete without making your way up to the 6th floor of The Bristol Hotel. You’ll find a panoramic view looking out harborside, and on a clear day, you’ll even see as far as the rolling hills of Ashton Court.

supal 1

University of Bristol Botanical Gardens

An unexpected place to find fantastic photo opportunity is the botanical gardens. The summer months invite blooms aplenty, but the winter months are still a great time to explore the green houses and marvel at the exotic plants and flowers. 

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Clifton Village

Clifton Village is home to all types of amazing shops and stores. Any corner of beautiful stationery store Papersmiths is full of vibrant colour, so don’t hesitate to shop the array of fun lines and minimalist design. Similarly, Reg the Veg is the most charming storefront lined with fruits and vegetables and a retro-inspired sign! 


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Icons of Bristol

Two iconic spots to get a photo in Bristol are one of Cabot Tower surrounded by the beautiful park. The second place would in Stokes Croft of one of the many murals or street art work, featuring the vibrant colours and eclectic designs. 

supal 4


The Colours of Cliftonwood

Cliftonwood is full of colourful residential houses. Walk the streets of Cliftonwood Crescent, Church Lane, Argyle Place and Ambrose Road to find lines of pretty houses and maybe a bathing car if you’re lucky too. Also, be on the lookout for tiled hot air balloons often seen flying over Bristol.

supal 6


Suspension Bridge

The lovely way to end to your trip to Bristol is taking in the views from the legendary Clifton Suspension Bridge. Walk up the observatory for views at every angle.


supal 7

These are only some of the photo spots I thought represents Bristol, and I’ll definitely be back to the city to discover more.