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The Westbury

Athens’ best bar comes to The Bloomsbury Club

The Clumsies in London

Athens’ The Clumsies Bar is officially the ninth best in the world and next month it will be joining Brian Calleja and his team at The Bloomsbury Club for an unforgettable takeover from 2nd to 4th November. Ahead of the transforming pop-up we caught up with Brian and The Clumsies Bar co-founder Vasilis Kyritsis to find out what to expect and just how excited they are… Answer? Very

Vasilis The Clumsies Bar in London

Vasilis Kyritsis, co-founder of The Clumsies Bar 

Hi Vasilis and Brian thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. So how are you both? What’s going on in your bars?

Vasilis: The results from World’s 50 best bars has just been announced and we ranked at 9th position. So, I’m more than happy!

Brian: There loads of things going on at The Bloomsbury Club bar. Obviously we’re gearing up for The Clumsies Bar takeover and have loads of other cool things lined up over the coming months. I can’t believe Christmas is almost here too!! We’ve got a tree sponsored by the tailor Thomas Farthing, a new winter cocktail list coming out soon, the list goes on..!


I hear that we aren’t the only lucky ones getting a visit from The Clumsies Bar this year? You are embarking on a world tour, is that right?

V: Yes, that’s right. We’re about to do a lot of travelling. But it’s the best part of this job. Along with London, we’re going to Paris, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Lebanon, Oslo, New York and Miami.


Brian, tell us why The Clumsies Bar appealed to you for the first of The Bloomsbury Club takeovers?

B: We wanted to go with a team which is world class, one that we can connect with and will match our offering well. We thought The Clumsies Bar would be ideal. Its logo kind of reminds me of the steps going down to our bar!

Brian Calleja - The Clumsies Pop Up at The Bloomsbury Club

Brian Calleja, bar manager at The Bloomsbury Club

What can we expect at The Bloomsbury Club/The Clumsies Bar takeover guys?

V: Expect a lot of fun, clumsy drinks and cool vibes! Plus we always bring with us the Greek hospitality, our strong smile and of course Clumsy experimental cocktails.

B: I agree, there will be entertainment, fun and excitement. They’re masters! 


What will it take to transform The Bloomsbury Club space – or is it more about the atmosphere you’re bringing with you, and the cocktails? 

V: Clumsies is like a big house. Different rooms, High volume music, all-day concept which means specialty coffee during the morning, comfort food on the afternoon and signature cocktails and drinks on night, 


Tell us more about the cocktails and food? What should we look out for? 

V: Try to taste every cocktail because every drink has a reason to be on the menu! We will also have some comfort food as a pairing for the drinks.

B: Just don’t smash the plates when you finish though! 


The Cocktail Menu for The Clumsies Takeover:

#Clumsy Negroni The Clumsies Old Tom Gin, The Clumsies Vermouth Blend, Campari, Beeswax, Pepper

El Draque White Rum & Rhum Agricole Mojito (clarified), The Clumsies Green Mint and Green Apple “Toothpaste”

Teardrop Masticha, Masala-infused Grand Marnier, Yogurt Powder

Seasonal Daiquiri The Clumsies Rum Blend, Strawberry, Lime

Johnnie Cola Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve Scotch, Pomegranate Molasses, Vanilla, Abbots Bitters, Cherry Cola

Aqua Fresca Ketel One Vodka, Fennel Cordial, Amontilado Sherry, 3 Cents Aegean Tonic Water

The Conch Tequila Blanco 100% Agave, The Clumsies Mediterranean Vermouth, Fresh Lime Juice


The Clumsies Athens - World's ninth best Bar comes to The Bloomsbury Club

Inside The Clumsies Bar

Why do you think The Clumsies Bar has received world-wide fame? 

B: Consistency, creativity and their attention to detail. They’ve jumped from being in the top twenty best bars in the world to top 10 in a year, this is so impressive and we’re delighted to be working with them. They also tour a lot, which helps to boost their profile internationally. We hope to do that too someday soon.

V: Because we combine the Greek hospitality with the global needs of our people. So every person who comes to Clumsies, no matter if he knows about drinks or not, has a good time.


What is the secret to your success?

V: High volume vibes, good music, innovation and researching of the cocktails behind the scenes, and of course a lot of smiles!


Brian, what can the team at The Bloomsbury Club learn from The Clumsies Bar?

B: As I always say to my team, you always learn something new, this experience will be amazing for everyone, we’re hoping that Vasilis and his team will host some seminars while they’re here, and I also that the Clumsies team will see what we’re all about – that hospitality and guest experience is always at our core.

The Clumsies at The Bloomsbury Club

The Clumsies Bar Athens

Vasilis we hear there’s a lab at The Clumsies Bar, Athens. Is that true? What do you get up to there?

V: Yes, it is. It’s the place that preparation and innovation happens.


Is it very serious? Do you wear lab coats and protective eyewear?

V: Haha no no no, it’s just our playroom with a more professional way to it. Of course we collaborate with food scientists and chefs but being in the lab is like a normal shift for our team.


Will you be bringing it to London? We’re very excited!

V: I’ll try to bring some of it! 

introducing the launch of the new bloomsbury club bar at the bloomsbury hotel the doyle collection

The Bloomsbury Club

What are you both looking forward to most about the pop-up in London?

B: To host a top ten bar in our very own baby! It’s going to be epic.

V: To meet the hotel’s staff and costumers and share some clumsy vibes. It’s going to be amazing.


Is London ready for The Clumsies Bar?

V: London is ready for The Clumsies and Clumsies are always ready for London!


Brian just before we go tell us about the next Bloomsbury Club takeover?

B: We are very excited to be hosting BlackTail (the sister bar to the the world’s best bar Dead Rabbit in New York). There have been some great meetings and although I haven’t yet seen the menu they are proposing, I have heard we’ll be able to hang onto The Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee recipe for a while – it’s probably one of my favourite drinks – love the Irish connection, although I’m Maltese…!


That’s all from me. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! See you in London Vasilis!

V: Thank you so much!

B: Thanks, are you going to stay for a Gin and Milk? Or Hot Irish Punch?!