mardi, 25, novembre 2014

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The Dupont Circle

Washington Coffee: Where to Go For A Cup Of Joe

While exploring all that the city has to offer, coffee lovers will be spoilt for choice, as Washington is also home to an array of tasty cafés and baristas. 

Use our handy map below to check out Firehook; specializing in rich coffee and tasty fresh breads. Slipstream meanwhile celebrates both coffee and cocktails; “two complex beverages, where the nuances of flavor matter”. Amen! Mingle with high-flying politicos in ME Swing, a White House-adjacent café that opened its doors during Woodrow Wilson’s administration back in 1916. And of course, don’t forget to visit Café Dupont at The Dupont Circle hotel. Offering a multi-sensory experience in luxurious, stylish surrounds, it’s the perfect spot to while away an afternoon. 

Coffee in Washington - image 1