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Best spots to watch the sun set over London

From stunning parks to glittering skyscrapers that reflect the sun’s rays – the capital is awash with beautiful spots at dusk

Primrose Hill

The steep incline of Primrose Hill is great to get your pulse racing – and at 213 feet it’s certainly a challenge if you’re speeding upwards to catch the sunset. The walk is worth it though. With the sky above and the city below, visitors will feel on top of the world amongst the green of the surrounding park. Viewing the sunset from here is a truly special experience, particularly on a totally clear day. Bold orange skies cast their light across the gleaming skyscrapers, ending in darkness with just the glittering lights of the city beyond.


primrose hill

The View from The Shard

At 1004 ft tall, the Shard is the tallest building in the UK and the highest point to watch the sunset. It’s observation deck, The View from the Shard, is open to the public and a special spot to witness day turn to night. Experience panoramic views of the city bathed in a warm orange glow, then wish upon the stars that appear afterwards before heading into the main building for a dinner with a view at one of the properties six restaurants.



Hyde Park

Steeped in history and expansive in space, Hyde Park is one of London’s most well-known Royal Parks, situated in the centre of the city. Wander through the trees and the vibrant floral gardens then hop aboard one the of lake’s pedalo boats. Incredibly popular during the summer months, the boating lake is less saturated now, and provides the perfect romantic spot to witness the sunset while completing an evening sunset spin.


Kensington Palace

Just a stone’s throw from The Kensington is the beautiful Kensington Palace, home to an array of magnificent state rooms and the former home of Queen Victoria. Outside, the magnificent gardens provide a regal setting to watch the sun set, with the famous Sunken Gardens offering a tranquil, secluded oasis from the crowds to marvel at the sunset in peace.

kensington palace

 via London & Partners

Tower Bridge

Undoubtedly one of the most iconic sights in London, Tower Bridge is the ultimate spot to get the perfect sunset snap. Stick to the west side, which offers a long promenade with great views of the bridge and the setting sun or walk across the pedestrian pathway to gaze out at the River Thames and witness the sky darken over the city.

tower bridge

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