mercredi, 22, octobre 2014

The Bloomsbury Guide to Boutique Hotels

Though it certainly conjures up images of cosy, handmade produce and quirky, lovingly-selected decor, who among us is completely certain what boutique actually means? Well, when it comes to hotels, there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled before the b-word can be used. Read on, and let’s put an end to boutique myths once and for all...


Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better! Boutique hotels generally have a smaller amount of rooms than their larger counterparts; usually 100 - 150, making your stay as intimate and homely as possible. This however doesn’t equate to teeny-tiny bedrooms, so beware of hotel-owners who try to pass off broom cupboards as ‘boutique boudoirs’! 

The Bloomsbury Hotel has 153 rooms, all of which are designed to feel airy and spacious, and boast the finest chic contemporary decor. 

Suite in The Bloomsbury


Boutique hotels are generally found in fashionable urban locations, rather than beside airports or nestled in suburbia. This makes them a great base from which to explore your destination. 

The Bloomsbury is conveniently located on Great Russell Street, in the heart of 18th century London. From here, guests are within walking distance of an array of attractions; a stroll through Bloomsbury’s leafy streets and Georgian squares will take you to the British Museum, Covent Garden and the city’s iconic modernist tower, where the West End meets the East. 

The Bloomsbury


Typically, boutique hotels have a contemporary, stylish vibe and distinct personality. Steer clear of identically-furnished rooms lacking in charm - boutique means that careful thought and imagination has been put into the hotel’s appearance and atmosphere. 

Designed in the 1930s by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, the Bloomsbury of today retains that elegant old-fashioned feel, but with a contemporary twist. Many rooms are decorated in Lutyens’ beloved black-and-white motif, but of course are equipped with all the modern-day amenities a guest could wish for (wi-fi, coffee machines, marble-lined bathrooms). 

Suite in The Bloomsbury hotel


Finally, a boutique hotel should boast top-of-the-range restaurants and bars, the likes of which attract guests from all around the city. So don’t make do with a dinner of peanuts and beer - be sure your chosen hotel cuts the mustard when it comes to lovingly-prepared cuisine.   

At The Bloomsbury, you’ll be spoilt for choice as far as dining is concerned. Food in our Landseer Restaurant is sourced from nearby Covent Garden Market as well as a host of independent artisan suppliers, and freshly prepared by our talented chefs. Our Summer Terrace meanwhile offers an atmospheric space either to enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the morning, or sip on a cocktail by candlelight at night. 

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Dining in The Bloomsbury hotel

We have also created this cool infographic that depicts the characteristics of a boutique hotel:

Bloomsbury Infographic