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Bristol Welcomes St Patrick

St Patricks Day gives us all a reason to kick back and enjoy drinking a copious amount after a long, hard week at work. Here's what Bristol has to offer this year

St Patrick’s Day is coming to Bristol and there is a lot more going on in the South West than a pint of Guinness and some green face paint.

It’s one of the most social events in Bristol’s calendar and the weekend beginning March 16th commences the St Patrick’s Day celebrations for Bristol, providing the perfect opportunity or a short weekend getaway.



Seamus O'Donnell's

A quick (no doubt to be extended) trip down to one of the most popular local Irish pubs, Seamus O’Donnell’s, is an ever-present option for a sure way to unlock your inner Irish charms and attempt an odd folk dance or two whilst making new friends. Conveniently enough, it’s only a short walk from The Bristol hotel in the middle of all the great Bristol venues and provides not only an ‘excellent selection of Irish whiskies’ but also serves the legendary ‘Poteen’. This Irish moonshine is a 70% ABV triple distilled spirit that is so strong that it is strictly confined to only one shot per customer! Now that sounds like a challenge!


If you are fortunate enough to carry the stomach of an Irish man, there are many bars and pubs on your way. Head up north to Baldwin street for the family-friendly Irish bar, Molloy’s, where as well as serving an amazing array of comfort foods, will be hosting live music performances from The Ceili and Fergusson Elliot and a special set from the Quinn School of Irish Dance. Celebrations continue every day from 12pm and house Dj’s will keep the ball rolling till 3am.

Cotham Arms Pub

Just a brisk walk away you can find yourself immersed into an extra special one-off party at the Cotham Arms pub. They are hosting the acclaimed musical duo, Razzamo. Expect to find yourself jigging along to playful Irish tunes whilst revelling in free Guinness giveaways, and reduced Jameson’s and ginger Ale. If this isn’t enough, they are also showing the Six Nations all weekend which you can accompany with a pitcher of beer.

St Patrick's Day Parade

If you are willing to have a relatively early start on the last day of your weekend, the annual St Patrick’s Parade hosted by the Bristol Irish Society, will be setting off at 1pm on Sunday from Russell Town Avenue and running up Church Road and in to St Patrick’s school. The parade is set to include a family party with Gypsy Kiss, Bristol Samba band and Hibernian musicians and offers one final opportunity to try on a Leprechaun suit…and with that we conclude a weekend of Irish-born festivities.