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Celebrate 100 years of Negroni with The Coral Room and VII Hills

The Coral Room launches a limited edition Negroni menu with award-winning Italian dry gin brand VII Hills

Still as much of a classic cocktail now as it was 100 years ago, the Negroni is a rich aperitif enjoyed across the world. Made with one-part gin, one-part vermouth rosso, and one-part Campari, then garnished with orange peel, it’s traditionally served stirred, not shaken, and then strained into a chilled cocktail glass over ice. 




Legend has it that the first Negroni was created at a small café in Florence in 1919. Count Camillo Negroni asked the bartender to fix him a stiffer version of the Americano using gin instead of soda water and thus, the famous drink was born.

In honour of this much-loved tipple and Negroni Week (24-30 June), The Coral Room has teamed up with VII Hills Italian dry gin on a limited-edition menu of bold, bittersweet Negronis, created by The Coral Room’s creative bar team.

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Negroni Tropicale

 VII Hills uniquely combines seven botanicals found on the hills that surround Rome, including Italian juniper, pomegranate, celery, artichoke, blood orange, rosehip and Roman chamomile. These delicious infusions perfectly complement the flavours of one of Italy’s most iconic cocktails – the perfect gin for the perfect Negroni.


The limited-edition menu includes: 

Negroni Classico - VII Hills Gin, Martini Rosso, Campari

Negroni Bianco - VII Hills Gin, Cocchi Americano, Suze

Coral Negroni - VII Hills Gin infused with Rosebuds, Cocchi Rosa, Aperitivo Del Professore

Café Negroni- VII Hills Gin, Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, Lustau Rosso

Negroni al Carciofo - VII Hills Gin, Cynar, Martini Riserva Speciale Rubino, Orange Bitters

Negroni Sorbettino - VII Hills Gin, Rinomato Aperitivo, Rhubarb & Cardamom Soda

Negroni Tropicale - VII Hills Gin infused with Coconut & Dried Pineapple, Italicus Rosolio di Bergamatto, Chazalettes Extra Dry 

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Negroni Sorbettino

Head to  The Coral Room between 24th– 30thJune to enjoy an authentic Italian Aperitivo with VII Hills Negroni in hand. Saluti!