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Washington Neighbourhoods: Columbia Heights

Explore this vibrant and historic district

Columbia Heights is a cool, multicultural and historic district in Washington DC, a short distance from The Dupont Circle luxury hotel.

In the penultimate post of our Washington Neighbourhoods series, we’re taking a look at Columbia Heights. Home to the infamous Embassy Row, this district is where you’ll find fascinating buildings on historic streets. There’s a real creative vibe to the area, and is one of the most densely populated in the city. There’s also a strong Hispanic population, so you’ll find spots like the GALA Hispanic Theater and the Mexican Cultural Institute too.

Things to do

Picnic at Meridian Hill Park

Columbia Heights is a gorgeous leafy district, so it’s a given that you’ll find cool parks to relax in. Meridian Hill Park is one of the finest – there are statues of Dante and Joan of Arc, tall trees that provide shade and wide open green. Keep an eye out for events on the weekend – you might stumble across a yoga class or even a Drum Circle.

Visit the Bars on 11th Street NW

If you’re after a Happy Hour, you’ll do well on 11th Street NW. Whether you’re looking for a low-key beer and a bite to eat, or an all-night danceathon, you’ll be happy. It’s a great spot for restaurants, too.

Browse the Saturday Farmers’ Market

Nothing beats a Farmers’ Market, and the one here is one of the best. It’s not just produce on sale, either – you can pick up a fresh taco, crafts or baked good all while enjoying some top-notch people watching.

Columbia Heights is a cool, multicultural and historic district in Washington DC, a short distance from The Dupont Circle luxury hotel.

Visit the Mexican Cultural Institute

This building was once the Mexican Embassy, and is now a fantastic museum. There are art exhibits, concerts and even cooking classes held by local celebrity chef Pati Jinich.

Get Around on Bike

Rent a bike from the Capital Bikeshare station near the Metro stop and explore the area on two wheels. The district is located on the top of a hill, so plan your route well and you’ll be cruising downhill all the way!

Visit Mount Pleasant

This Salvadoran district is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat. It’s just on the edge of Columbia Heights, and is home to numerous dive bars and family-run restaurants.

GALA Hispanic Theatre

If you want to catch a show, then a visit to the GALA Hispanic Theatre is a must. It’s one of the oldest theatres in the country, with plays performed in Spanish with live English translation.


Dupont Circle Metro Station Red Line (3 stops) -> Gallery Place Chinatown Station Yellow/Green Line (4 stops) -> Columbia Heights Station


Or take an Uber/Cab


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