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The latest craft cocktails from Balfes in Dublin

You’d be hard pushed to find a cocktail in Dublin that tops the ones on offer in Balfes.

Balfes Rosemary Martini

Created by mixologist supreme Naiko, who is famed for his ability to bring fresh, unusual ingredients together for an unforgettable tipple, the Craft Cocktail Collection features five exceptional drinks. 

Balfes Craft Cocktails Image 2

There’s the Avocolado, which offers up a healthy twist on the classic Pina Colada. Do you love the creamy, tropical drink but get put off by its usual heaviness? Instead of using double cream, Naiko blends this drink with ripe avocado, bringing a depth of flavour as well as the familiar creaminess. Blended with light rum, fresh pineapple and coconut syrup, this cocktail will leave you feeling like you’re on a tropical island. 

See out the last days of summer with the funky Message in a Bottle. Presented in a bottle submerged in little tub of ice, this cocktail mixes cucumber, lychee, homemade elderflower syrup and vodka. Nothing encapsulates summer like these flavours: a heady mix of floral notes, tropical sweetness and refreshing cucumber.

With The Westbury collaborating with the year of Irish Design, it seems only right that Balfes has an artistic link as well. Inspired by the French artist whose work you’ll see in the restaurant, The Malika blends homemade rose petal syrup with vodka and lychee, topped off with pretty rose petals.  

Balfes craft cocktail

Gin and rosemary go together like two old friends. Balfes is well known for its homemade infusions (ask the bartender to show you their current collection – you might find spirits infusing with chilies, citrus or herbs). The Rosemary Martini mixes rosemary infused gin with vanilla syrup, cloudy apple and fresh pineapple juice. A grind of fresh pepper finishes off this epic concoction. It may sound unusual but it works oh so well.

If you love a Bellini, then you’ll adore the Mango Fizz. The ingredients form distinct layers in the glass, before dancing together when blended. An amaretto blend is topped off with mango juice and sparkling wine, creating a buzzy, vibrant and delicious cocktail.

All of the cocktails are available at Balfes, alongside the usual cocktail menu. When the nights start to cool, head to the heated terrace and cosy up in the dimming evening light. You won’t find a better place for a stylish cocktail in the heart of town!

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