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Nicola Brady

The Doyle Collection: Urban Hotels

We take a closer look at The Doyle Collection's Urban Hotels

Terrace on the Weir in The River Lee


In this series, we’re taking a closer look at The Doyle Collection luxury hotel group, and what makes them unique. In mid-2015, The Doyle Collection began a complete brand refresh which will officially launch in Q2 2016. However, to date the most significant touch point that their customers can see as part of the re-brand, is their beautiful new website, which illustrates the individuality and characteristics of each of their eight hotels through new collateral, photography and branding. They have brought to life the positioning of the incredible locations of each hotel, bringing to market the hidden attributes of The Doyle. This rebranding refers to the hotels as two groups – luxury and urban and they officially dropped the word ‘hotel’ from each property.  

This week, we’re looking at the urban hotels.

The River Lee Hotel, Cork City

The River Lee

With a location right on its namesake, The River Lee embodies the vibrant spirit of Cork in a modern, charming setting. The entire city is on your doorstep, with the sights of the skyline laid out before your bedroom window. The hotel is also home to state of the art meetings and events space known at The Hub, an exceptional gym, pool and spa, as well as a well-renowned restaurant, terrace and a breakfast reputed as one of the best in the country.

The Croke Park hotel, Dublin City

The Croke Park

With one of Dublin’s most iconic (and spirited) attractions literally on its doorstep, you wouldn’t expect The Croke Park to be anything but energetic, lively and welcoming. When match days roll around, the excitement is carried on in the hotel, where families and fans gather to soak up the incredible atmosphere.  







The Bristol hotel

The Bristol

Bristol’s harbourside is the life and soul of the city, and The Bristol is in a prime position, right on the waterfront. This is a place where modern design meets industrial heritage, in the creative hub of the city. While there’s plenty going on nearby (which the hotel embraces and involves itself within) the hotel itself is a destination within itself, with excellent food served daily in The River Grille.