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The Best Ways to Experience Dry January in London

Beat the Dry January blues with these alcohol-free activities

Welcome in the new year in a much healthier manner. Giving up those large glasses of red wine, double G&Ts and copious flutes of champagne for Dry January can be a challenge. However hard it is to say ‘no’ to a few drinks with friends, there are plenty of healthier activities to keep your mind away from the alcohol and enjoy yourself in London this month.

Redemption Bar

Head north of The Kensington into the pastel-colour houses of Notting Hill and you’ll find Redemption Bar. This alcohol-free bar also has a varied vegan menu. While socialising before Christmas may have involved a few drinks here and there, now, it’s definitely possible to enjoy a delicious dinner with friends without the need for a couple of glasses of wine. Treat yourself to grilled aubergine and tahini to start, a crunchy Tokyo salad (pictured) and a sweet key lime cheesecake, all washed down with some of their alcohol-free cocktails or alcohol-free sparkling wine.

tokyosalad at redemption bar-032_orig

Image via Redemption Bar

Morning Gloryville Sober Rave

Swap late nights fuelled by alcohol for early mornings charged by dancing with the Morning Gloryville morning sober party. Starting at 6:30am and ending at 10:30am, you will dance your way into the day with invigorating music and entertainment. Finish your morning with a free relaxing massage, a delicious smoothie and a yoga class to feel much healthier than December allowed. With events happening in venues throughout London, this is truly the best way to experience Dry January.


The Juicery

Swap out cocktails and alcoholic drinks for an invigorating morning juice. The Juicery is located at The Kensington, The Marylebone and The Bloomsbury for you to enjoy some refreshing blends of fruit and vegetables, pushing you towards that all-important 5-a-day. Order the London Greens, brimming with spinach, cucumber and basil and sweetened with pear, lime and coconut water. Or, if green juice isn’t your thing, choose the Boosting Berry Smoothie, a sweet blend of berries, banana, dates, almond milk and vanilla protein. An energised January is what it’s all about.

The Juicery at The Doyle Collection

Image via The Juicery at The Doyle Collection

Disco Yoga 

New Year’s resolutions often revolve around health and well-being. How about making your way to a yoga class like no other? Zen downward dogs, warrior poses and chaturangas are paired with fun disco music and plenty of laughs. A place to rejuvenate your mind and fire up your muscles, sans alcohol. Work your way to the east of The Bloomsbury for Disco Yoga’s weekly class at Trapeze Bar in Shoreditch.


Electric Cinema

Head west of The Marylebone to Portobello Road and spend the evening cosying up in front of a film at Electric Cinema. Swap out wine for snacks and a sweet dessert as you sink into the plush king-sized sofas and keep yourself warm under a cashmere blanket. Dry January can be both a rejuvenating and relaxing experience, after all.

Electric Cinema Notting Hill

 Image via Flickr