lundi, 26, janvier 2015

Written by
Nicola Brady

5 of the Hottest Workout Classes in London

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You find yourself listlessly drifting through a run, taking it easy on the bike or skipping to the end of a yoga sequence. 

That’s why workout classes are a great way to get yourself moving and stay motivated. There are a huge array of fitness classes run at The Third Space, a stylish gym located right underneath The Marylebone Hotel. With no more than 8 to each class, you’ll benefit from close attention from the instructor (and find it harder to slack off!)

Better yet, all classes are free to guests of the hotel. We’ve rounded up five of the hottest classes on offer.


To the untrained eye, the equipment at the Third Space’s Retro Gym can look a little mysterious. With medicine balls, old-school beams and ropes hanging from the ceiling, the funky space is a mix of vintage workout equipment and ultra modern touches. It’s also the spot where you can partake in a high octane TRX class. Created in the Navy Seals, TRX uses suspension equipment to create a workout that utilises your own body weight to develop strength, flexibility and balance.

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Ballet Core Conditioning

Over the last few years, the integration of ballet into workouts has exploded in popularity. Despite a few hardcore fitness buffs scoffing at its perceived fluffiness, ballet workouts are intensely tough, requiring supreme core strength. You only need to look at the muscle tone of a ballerina to see the results the techniques can achieve. This class uses ballet techniques to improve posture and core strength.  

Antigravity Fitness

It looks incredible when performed professionally, with aerial artists using silks to create beautiful lines while suspended in mid air. These moves require an amazing amount of strength, which you’ll learn in an Antigravity Fitness class. The routines combine dance conditioning, acrobatics and general fitness through the use of a silk hammock. You’ll use muscles you never realised you had. 

Zen Swimming

Zen isn’t often a word you associate with a workout, but at the Zen Swimming class you’ll combine exercise with relaxation, leaving you with a crystal clear state of mind. As well as improving your general fitness, the class will promote a calmer head space, as well as helping you to swim further with greater ease. 

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Tabata Protocol

There’s a huge buzz around Tabata workouts at the moment. The concept works around the idea of working out at a high intensity for bursts of 20 seconds, before recovering for 10 seconds (and starting all over again!) The high intensity spell of activity seems more managable when conducted in shorter sessions, meaning you give it your all. It’s great for the heart, amazing for fitness and a brilliant fat buster.

All classes are free to guests of The Marylebone Hotel, subject to booking and availability. You can see more about The Third Space here: