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What to see at Fota Wildlife Park

A family package at The River Lee

There are hundreds of rare and exotic animals at Fota Wildlife Park, the perfect partner to a stay at The River Lee hotel in Cork.

There are plenty of things you expect to see when you’re down in Cork… beautiful beaches, pretty city architecture and quaint seaside towns. But what you don’t expect to see is a herd of giraffes, or a gaggle of monkeys.

Fota Wildlife Park is one of the top sights in the country, and filled with rare and exotic breeds of animals who, while thrive in the Irish climate, are not typically found on our shores. It’s a top attraction for families, especially in school holidays when special camps and workshops are held.

We’ve rounded up some of the highlights of the park, with our favourite animals that live at Fota.

Humboldt Penguins

When you see a penguin waddle along on land, it can be hard to believe how graceful they are once in water. When they’re swimming, penguins can reach up to 50kph, whizzing through the water with their webbed feet and wings helping them along. Check out this video of the penguins playing in the park…


Sumatran Tigers

In terms of wildness, nothing beats the sight of a tiger. They move with elegance, but you know a glimpse of them in the true wilderness would be terrifying. Every Saturday and Sunday, a Tiger Enrichment session is held in Fota, where questions are answered and the animal wardens do enrichment activities with the two tigers.

Family breaks at The River Lee hotel in Cork are the perfect partner to Fota Wildlife Park, where hundreds of exotic animals live in a beautiful setting.

Colombian Black Spider Monkey

Monkeys are always fascinating creatures to watch, and the Colombian Black Spider Monkey is no exception. They’re a little different to other monkeys – they use their tails for balancing, and drag their arms along the ground when moving around.

Rothschild Giraffe

The Rothschild Giraffe is the tallest breed of mammal on land, and a herd of these giraffes live at Fota. Their tails alone can grow up to 8ft long, and their silvery tongues are 17 inches long. Try to see the giraffes at feeding time to see how their long tongues grip tree branches in order to feed.

If you’re looking to incorporate a trip to Fota with a stay in the centre of Cork, then The River Lee has the perfect package. Family Fun at The River Lee includes…

  • Two nights’ accommodation in a superior family room
  • Full Irish Breakfast each morning
  • 3-course evening meal served in our Weir Restaurant for 2 adults and 2 children
  • Family ticket to Fota Wildlife Park or Rumley’s Open Farm
  • Free on site car parking
  • Full use of leisure facilities
  • 20% discount for Vanilla Browns Spa

Rates start from €189 per night p/n incl. VAT, until 30th November 2016.

For more on the package and the hotel, see the website