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The Westbury

Dry January at The Bloomsbury Club Bar

Super sobriety

Detoxers, health bunnies, pregnant women and designated drivers rejoice! Your prayers have been answered. The fabulous non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip is coming to The Bloomsbury Club Bar for a three-day takeover to help you with your abstinence.

Dry January with Seedlip at The Bloomsbury Club Bar


From 13th to 15th January, The Bloomsbury Club’s talented Brain Cellaja will be mixing up non-alchoholic cocktails using the drink that isn’t really a ‘drink’. Invented by Ben Branson in his kitchen in a wood, Seedlip is made by following the method used by apothecaries in the 1600s, in copper stills. Herbs, spices, barks and peels are distilled over time to create Seedlip’s special brews.


Seedlip and Tonic 

While a soft drink menu can often fill one with dread at the sight of sickly, sweet fruit concoctions, Seedlip and The Bloomsbury Club Bar's cocktail menu will feature non-alcoholic takes on classic martinis and other gin combinations. Choose from the likes of the Espreseedlip Martini – Seedlip infused with coffee, almond milk, coco nibs and gomme – and the signature Seedlip & Tonic – Seedlip Spice 94 and chilled Fever-tree tonic water


Dry January with Seedlip at The Bloomsbury Club Bar

Espreseedlip Martini 

It’s not all about the drinks. Head Chef Peter del Campo has put together light bits including Seedlip garden cured salmon, with pickled cucumber, crème fraiche and mint; scallop ceviche served alongside garden pea consommé, sugar snaps and peashoot, and sautéed Padrón peppers with pink grapefruit, piquillo and balsamic.


7 tips to surviving Dry January

A recent study by Alcohol Concern found that people who took part in Dry January reaped the benefits for up to six months after the challenge, as well as reporting radical health benefits immediately – like sleeping better, weight loss and generally having more energy. But for some, the idea of 31 days without a drop of the good stuff is too much to bear, so how to tackle it head on? We have some tips…

Westbury - The Gallery low res

The Westbury awaits you

Bribe yourself – set yourself a prize or goal to reward the hard work, a mini break to our fabulous sister hotel The Westbury in Dublin? A new pair of shoes from Duke and Dexter, Covent Garden, or perhaps at vintage bottle of wine to celebrate. 

Take up a hobby – Yoga with Lululemon on Dalloway Terrace (running throughout January), cross-country skiing in Hyde Park, whatever the distraction, sign up and commit yourself to the new skill.

Lululemon Yoga Class 6_LowRes.jpg copy

Want to be able to do this by the end of January?

Cull your friends – it might sound harsh but you just can’t let yourself succumb to peer pressure. So friends who’ll sit on your shoulder tempting you to a tipple need to be given a wide berth in January - at least until 25th, when we might suggest a fun reunion at our Burn's Night party!  

Drink a lot of coffee – we’re not suggesting you swap one vice for another (although one can argue the health benefits of coffee), but if you’ve got a late night planned or special occasion a quick caffeine buzz may well get you through. And if you're staying at The Bloomsbury, you'll find a Nespresso machine in every room, making it all the more easier.  

Film Club night  low res

Join #DallowayFilmClub for a distraction 

Get a cinema card – January is the best time to embrace the movies, it’s almost Oscar season and all the best blockbusters will be coming out so grab the popcorn and nestle in for a cosy booze-free evening. Join #DallowayFilmClub by booking tickets through Nomad for our alfresco screenings.  

Find a replacement treat – Alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean boring, as proven by Seedlip. Find inspiration from the likes of Elle MacPherson's Wellco smoothies at The Juicery, a spinach, banana, pear, kiwi, almond milk, with The Super Elixir Alkalising Greens for example, or replace booze for a Co-Fro - delicious coconut frozen yoghurt; less calories so you can have twice as much. 

Pamper yourself – Don’t let evenings of sobriety pass by without a treat. Book a manicure, stock up on face masks or preen your facial hair – pampering is for gents too. The Bloomsbury's rooms are stocked with soothing Aromatherapy products in each room, or make an appointment at Margaret Dabbs Sole Spa at Liberty of London.