mardi, 19, août 2014

The 108 Juice Bar Presents: The Green Kiss Recipe

Green Kiss - image 1

You may think the latest trend of juicing is complicated or time-consuming or perhaps you simply don’t feel you ‘know’ how to make a yummy one. Thankfully the 108 Restaurant at The Marylebone Hotel have created 6 gorgeous, healthy and simple to make juice recipes which will have you grinning ear to ear and full of vitality. First up in our series is the perfect green breakfast – The Green Kiss, the benefits of which include an energised pick me up for those of whom are in need of some vitality, as well as an infusion of great tasting anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Green Kiss: Anti-inflammatory green smoothie and the perfect green Breakfast.

Taste: Sweet, Creamy, and Indulgent


250ml Coconut Water - Hydrates and replenishes

½ Pear - Fibre and Digestion

1 cup Spinach - Iron and Calcium

¼ Avocado - Anti-inflammatory

1tsp Flaxseeds - Fibre and digestion

1 serving Maca - Recommended supplement

1 serving Barley Grass Powder - Recommended Supplement

½ - 1 Cup of water if desired