mardi, 09, août 2016

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The Bristol

The ultimate gin tasting experience at The Bristol

Hendrick's comes to Bristol

The Hendricks Experience


Gin is in. Fact. As a nation, we are in love with the botanical drink. It’s a long-term thing, we’ve been going steady on and off since the 18th century really. But now we are seeing dear old gin in a new light. And this time it feels like we’re ready to commit.

Whether it’s a straight up G&T, G without T, Sloe Gin, Gin cups, flavoured with cucumber wedges or a slice of lime, infused with rosemary, gin has rightly become the discerning drink at the bar. While fantastic new artisan gin distilleries have opened in the last couple of years, brands like Hendrick’s and its cucumber and rose infused flavours in that iconic apothecary bottle have been a firm favourite with gin drinkers for hundreds of years. 

The Bristol is celebrating its heritage with a new Hendrick’s Gin Experience special offer, giving guests a complimentary mini bottle to take down to its bar, where the barman will shake up a special cocktail for you. The package also includes accommodation in a Superior Double Bedded Room, a full English breakfast (to soak up the sins of the night) and car parking. 

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