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Ireland V France: Rugby & Romance


That’s right; Valentine’s Day. Now it’s no secret the French know how to do romance. Think about it... The accent. Paris. The Eiffel Tower. It seems this might in fact be a double battle for the Irish; we’re taking on (and conquering, fingers crossed) France in both rugby and romance. 

But never fear; things aren’t as bad as they seem. Yes, Paris is ridiculously romantic, but Dublin is just as stunning, with a host of hidden romantic gems dotted all around the city. Here’s a rough itinerary for the day of the match. 

Sunrise at the Great South Wall

Ok, so maybe it’s a stretch to ask you to get up at this unholy hour, but remember, we’ve got a lot of romancin’ to pack in today. Plus, we guarantee you won’t regret setting that alarm once you arrive at the  Great South Wall. Extending four miles from Ringsend on Dublin’s southside out into Dublin Bay, the wall and its picturesque red lighthouse offer amazing views of the city and of course, the iconic  Poolbeg chimneys

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[Image via  @AleeshaJulia]

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Breakfast for Two

As you stroll back to the city-centre, you’ll no doubt become aware of the growing buzz around the place, with French supporters doing some sightseeing ahead of the big game. Enjoy the atmosphere as you make your way to St. Stephen’s Green. This leafy green oasis is located just a stone’s throw from Grafton Street, Dublin’s bustling shopping area. Feeding the ducks in the park together will no doubt turn your mind towards unbridled romance... and, let’s be honest - food.  Balfe’s serves up a delicious breakfast and brunch, and its chic Parisian style will no doubt attract some of those French fans through its doors too. If you catch their eye, throw them some serious shade.  

[Image:  Balfe’s]

St. Valentine’s Relics

This next one’s a bit morbid, but hear us out. In the  Carmelites’ Whitefriar Street Church in the city-centre, you’ll find the relics of the man himself; St. Valentine. His body was donated to the church by Pope Gregory XVI in the 19th century. A little creepy? Yes. But does it trump France? Yes. Well, that’s all that matters.  

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A Pint in McDaids

You may feel you need a pint after that one – plus, matchtime will be fast approaching at this stage, so let’s settle those nerves! McDaids is a homely traditional pub with buckets of charm and character. Soak up the excited atmosphere in one of its many hidden nooks and crannies; chat to locals and of course, unnerve the French! Not really – this is the perfect opportunity for some good-hearted banter ahead of what will surely be a very exciting evening...!

[Image:  Totally Dublin]