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New Summer Cocktails at Balfes

Enjoy a cocktail on the terrace

New summer cocktails at Balfes in Dublin


Though the weather may have recently taken a turn, the summer of 2018 has to be one of the best we’ve experienced in years. We’ve had sunny skies, long, languid evenings and a warmth in the air that makes you want to enjoy a chilled cocktail on an airy terrace. 

So it’s fortuitous that Balfes has just launched a new aperitif cocktail menu, expertly crafted by the new Bar Manager, Alan McGillivray. With an impressive background in Mixology, and experience in the acclaimed New York bar The Dead Rabbit, Alan brings his world class serves to Ireland for the first time. He has introduced more refined and sophisticated aperitif categories such as Vermouth, Sherry and Amari to the offerings in Balfes, which now boasts a more varied cocktail menu than ever. 

You also now have more time in the evening to enjoy cocktails - on Fridays, Balfes is open until 12.30am, and the bar is open until 1am on Saturdays. 

The menu features eight new cocktails, each encompassing Alan’s cocktail philosophy of clean and mature flavours. Alan’s unique approach focuses on refined, niche spirits that provide a twist on traditional classic such as a Spritz and Americano. 

The new Aperitif Cocktail menu is available in Balfes now, with the following concoctions available... 

New summer cocktails in Balfes

Exit Strategy (pictured right) - €13

Celery Infused Beefeater Gin, Blanc Vermouth, Kaffir, Boston Bitters 

Kill Devil - €13

Named after the nickname given to rum as far back as 1654 has a basis of Plantation Grand Reserve Rum, Banana, Ginger, Almond, Palo Cortado Sherry, Lemon. 

Milano-Torino - €13

Balfes twist on the classic "Americano" cocktail. Created in the 1860's it was originally named "Milano-Torino" as an homage to the birth place of its two main ingredients; Campari from Milano and Sweet vermouth from Torino. As it became popular with American tourists just prior to prohibition its name was changed to the Americano. 

Our recipe is Sweet Vermouth, Rinomato L'Aperitivo, Vanilla, Pimento, Amontillado Sherry, Lemon, Boston Bitters, Soda 

Venetian Spritz - €13

Originating in Venice while Italy was part of the Austrian empire known then as the "Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia". 
Initially a splash of water (or later soda water) was added to the local Italian wines by the Austrians as it was much stronger than the beers they were accustomed to drinking.

Aperol, Campari, Apricot, Tonka, Cocoa, Manzanilla Sherry, Dandelion & Burdock Bitters, Champagne

New cocktails in Balfes in Dublin city centre terrace bar

Maelstrom (pictured left) - €13

Basil Hayden's Bourbon, Grapefruit, Pear, Cinnamon, Amontillado Sherry, Rinomato L'Aperitivo 

Parlor Tricks - €13

Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, Basil Hayden's Bourbon, Banana, cinnamon, Oloroso Sherry, Turmeric Yogurt, Lemon 

The Pattison Crash - €13

Glenmorangie Scotch, Fortaleza Tequila, Beetroot, Lime, Cana Brava 12y Rum, Amer Picon, Barolo Chinato, Habanero 

Yayo - €13

Spanish Sweet Vermouth, Glendalough gin, Honey, Creole Bitte

The full Balfes aperitif cocktail menu is available at Booking available at 01 646 3315 or visit