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How to make the perfect crepe

Recipe from The River Lee Hotel

Make the perfect crepe with a recipe from The River Lee Hotel.

Picture by Abi Porter 


We might have a few weeks to wait before Shrove Tuesday, but here’s some good news for pancake lovers – today is International Crepe Day! More like a traditional Irish pancake than the American version, a crepe is a delicious French thin pancake, often topped with something sweet and folded twice to form a wedge shape.

In honour of the day, we spoke to Edward Devenney, Chef de partie (larder and pastry) at The River Lee, to find out how best to make your own at home.

What are the ingredients for the perfect crepe?

Eggs, milk, water, flour, sugar, salt and oil. The trick to a perfect crepe is actually very simple. Keep your batter light and allow it to rest in the fridge for at least an hour before you use it.  

How do you make one?

First, use a non-stick pan - the bigger and flatter the better. Traditionally, crepes are made on a large, flat and circular hot surface, and spread with a special tool to make the crepe as thin as possible.

Heat your pan to a medium temperature and then lightly oil it. I use some paper towel dipped in some sunflower oil. Pour a ladle of the batter into the pan and quickly move, so the mixture is spread around evenly. It will start to cook quickly, so move fast! Fry until brown on both sides, then add your filling and ‘voila’ - the perfect crepe!

Do you have any tips for flipping the perfect crepe?

My biggest tip for this is to be patient! Also, don’t have your pan too hot. Your crepe should slide around freely on your pan before you attempt to flip it.

What do you think goes well with one – toppings or fillings? Do you have any savoury recommendations?

For sweet fillings, my personal favourite is banana, chocolate, and vanilla ice cream. As for savoury I really enjoy smoked salmon, cream cheese, chive and rocket salad.

Do you often serve crepes in The River Lee?

We serve crepes every year on Bastille Day and sometimes on the 4th of July too. We also serve pancakes every morning for younger ‘and older’ guests.

Fancy making your own at home? Be sure to tag us and let you know how you get on!