lundi, 04, mai 2015

Written by
Nicola Brady

Society of The Golden Keys: The Mark of a Top Concierge

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A knack for getting hold of the top tables, tickets and seats in town? Or just a friendly face who can help with any query, no matter how unusual?

The people behind The Society of The Golden Keys are experts in the field, and know exactly what makes a top Concierge. They award the ones they think best exemplify the title with a special honor – the Golden Key lapel pin.

Each of those inducted into the society have been chosen for their “professional gravitas, integrity, local knowledge and impeccable recommendations.”

One of the latest in the prestigious club is Riyas Kallan, who is a Concierge at  The Marylebone Hotel.

“I am thrilled to be part of nearly 4000 elite Concierge friends from around the world. This profession has a very long history internationally, and it is an honour beyond words to become a part of it – all while representing both Les Clefs d'Or Great Britain and The Marylebone Hotel!

I have always wanted to become the part of the prestigious Society of the Golden Keys since I graduated in Travel and Tourism Management in 2002. I was fortunate enough to enhance my career by doing MBA in London and finding a job as a Hotel Concierge. Ever since, I have been waiting for this glorious moment!”

We’re lucky enough to have several other members working at some of the other Doyle Collection hotels, including the following… 

Brian Murphy, The Bloomsbury Hotel (read Brian’s  Day in the Life post here)

Naleef Nizar, The Bloomsbury Hotel (read Naleef’s  Perfect Day in London post here)

Michael Buckingham, The Kensington Hotel

Vincent Peach, The Kensington Hotel (read Vincent's  Secret's of a Concierge post here)

Miguel Serra, The Westbury Hotel

Emanuel Azzopardi, The Westbury Hotel

Goran Vucicevic, The Westbury Hotel


You can read more about  The Society of the Golden Keys here