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Summer Cocktails at Balfes

Summer Cocktails in Balfes - main image

Picnics in the park, bike rides in the sun and a cocktail on a city terrace. 

Dublin is becoming one of the world’s leading spots for cocktails, and nowhere is this truer than in Balfes. Under the expert eye of mixologist Vik Naiko, a summer cocktail menu has been launched that will have you racing to the uber-chic bar for a tipple on the terrace.                           

Summer Cocktails in Balfes - image 1

Top of the list is the Summer Punch, a concoction so summery that you can almost smell the sunscreen. Naiko is from Mauritius, so the cocktails he produces have the influence of a tropical paradise, featuring staples like rum, fresh fruits and grenadine.  









Summer Cocktails in Balfes - image 2

Other classics are given a twist, like the Peach Mint Julep, a favourite of the state of Kentucky. At Balfes, the bourbon based-drink is given a helping hand with peach puree and ginger, which ups the ante with a flavourful kick.

Summer Cocktails in Balfes - image 3

Nothing says summer like cucumber and elderflower, which come together beautifully in the Cucumber Crush. Naiko takes gin and mixes with elderflower liqueur, fresh cucumber and homemade lavender syrup to create a drink that evokes all the flavours and scents of a summer garden.

What we’re seeing more often in the cocktail world is the introduction of wine into spirit-led drinks. Naiko’s wine cooler is a great example of this, and he’s shared the recipe so you can give it a try at home. 

Balfes Summer Cooler


40ml Pear Vodka (he uses Absolut)
20ml Elderflower Liqueur
4 – 6 grapes
30ml Pinot Grigio

Shake all of the ingredients well with ice, until the grapes have split and the flavours are combined. Pour into a chilled glass and top off with a splash of white lemonade.

You can enjoy all of the drinks above now at Balfes, along with all the cocktail menu staples. See more at