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The Best Quick Lunch in Dublin

Eating stylishly, when time is of the essence

An express lunch in WILDE, Dublin

Have you ever needed to grab a quick lunch in Dublin, but didn’t want to compromise on quality? Just because you only have a short time in which to eat, doesn’t mean that a sandwich will suffice. You might want to combine a meal with a business meeting, or sit down for a nice lunch inbetween a spot of shopping or sightseeing.

WILDE in Dublin, perfect for a luxurious express lunch in the city.

WILDE is the perfect solution. Right in the heart of Dublin city, this chic and stylish restaurant serves up elegant dishes throughout the day and into the evening. And every lunchtime, they have the answer to your lunchtime conundrums, with the Express Lunch. Available Monday to Thursday until 5pm, the special lunch menu will serve up a delicious and speedy meal, with a soup of the day, dessert of the day, thick cut chips and a Caesar Salad alongside a steak from the award winning John Stone.

WILDE is renowned for its impeccable steaks, both of the highest quality and cooked to perfection. On the Express lunch, the steaks are usually flat iron or sirloin, dry-aged and one of the best in their league in Ireland. Other dishes rotate also, like the soups, which are made with fresh, seasonal vegetables daily. The desserts are smaller versions of the desserts on the a la carte menu, again varying each day.

The fact that all courses are served at the same time, on a stylish platter, means that vaulable time isn’t wasted, and the kitchen aims to get the food out within 10-12 minutes of the order being placed. All of which means you won’t squander your precious time waiting for the table to be cleared, or for your food to arrive.

The Express Lunch is available Monday to Thursday until 5pm and costs €25. It’s currently available until November 13. You can see more and book a table on the website.