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The most delicious plant-based dishes to try this Veganuary

Discover the very best meat and dairy-free meals available at The Doyle Collection’s London hotels

You won’t have to limit your taste buds this January with this mouth-watering range of healthy vegan dishes available at The Doyle Collection.


Dalloway Terrace


Dalloway Terrace


Set within the sleek and stylish Bloomsbury hotel, Dalloway Terrace is a cosy haven of luxury for everything from drinks to delicious meals. With a completely tailored vegan menu available for guests to dine on, your dietary options are catered for from breakfast, lunch to dinner. See below for some of the restaurants most appetizing eats…



Rainbow Acai Bowl £9

For those wishing to start their Veganuary days with a healthy and fruity kick, look no further than the restaurants Rainbow Acai Bowl, made with seasonal berries, bananas and assorted nuts. Priced at just £9 per serving, this colourful option is perfect light and fresh breakfast. 


Avocado, Grilled Plum Tomato on Sourdough Toast £12

If your mornings are in need of a warm and filling start, then Dalloway’s Avocado and Grilled Plum Tomato on Sourdough Toast breakfast is just the right fix. A flavoursome dish for £12, guaranteed to keep you going until lunch time.



seasonal menu dalloway terrace



Fragrant Thai Rolls £8.50

Enjoy a selection of delicious Thai Rolls, served with a ginger & sesame dipping sauce as a light bite for a lunch spent on the Terrace. Priced at just £8.50 they’re the perfect appetiser or sharing dish with a selection of other vegan small plates.


Sprout Grain Hummus Open Sandwich £10.50

Nothing beats a good sandwich, especially an open one. For more of a carb-heavy choice, dine on the delicious Sprouted Grain Hummus Open Sandwich, served with avocado and pickled vegetable slaw for a tasty lunch-time treat.



Thai Green Curry with Tofu £19

Served with freshly steamed jasmine rice, Dalloway’s Thai Green Curry with Tofu is the perfect substitute for a hot pot curry – a brilliant twist on the well-known dish that would usually be served with chicken or prawns.



108 Brasserie

108 brasserie



Housed within The Marylebone, 108 Brasserie is a local favourite, taking its inspiration from global cuisines to create seasonal, healthy and fresh dishes for guests to enjoy – packed full of bold flavours.  



Pea Smash on Sourdough Toast £12 

Served with a topping of chili flakes and a side of grilled plum tomatoes, the Pea Smash is a flavoursome breakfast sure to impress even a non-vegan’s taste palate.


Porridge £7 

For something simple but promised to be good, 108 also offers up a choice of its Porridge, which is made with organic oats, bananas, nuts and honey for a sweet kick.



Tofu ‘Fish Sticks’ £11.50

These Japanese style skewers are made with a tasty twist, featuring tofu as an alternative to fish and served with a delectable Asian spiced tahini dip. A great dish for those wanting a bit more spice in their meal.


Ruby Salad with Beetroot £10.50 

Made with orange, pomegranate and seeded biscuits, the Ruby Salad is a delicious light lunch with lots of flavour. A definite winner for those who love a typical hearty Greek-style salad. 



Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables £14

A deliciously hearty serving of Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with rocket, Puy lentils and sundried tomato dressing. This dish is the perfect sweet, peppery and punchy dish offering an array of different flavours to fork through.


The Juicery


The Juicery at The Doyle Collection


108 is also home to The Juicery, serving healthy and freshly made smoothies and juices to quench your thirst, with recipes formed around everyday health and food needs. If you’re looking for a 360 health kick to start your month, why not try one of our recommended juices:


Blueberry Coconut Smoothie 

A delicious blend of blueberries, almond milk, cinnamon, Medjool dates, coconut oil and maca powder. MED £6/ LRG £8



One of the menus signature juices, the Mercer is blended with mango, ginger, carrot and apples to aid in vitality, energy boosting and a wake-up kick. MED £6/ LRG £8


Super Green Smoothie

Everyone loves a green smoothie, but The Juicery’s version has Welleco protein supplement, which is full of vitamins and nutrients helping detoxify. Made of a blend including spinach, banana, pear, kiwi, almond milk, The Super Elixir Alkalising Greens, it’s packed with your 5 a day and plenty of fruity flavour! MED £6/ LRG £8