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Make the Most Out of Winter Weekends in London

A guide to enjoying the city’s charms in the colder weather

Heading to London this winter and need some ideas of what to do whilst the weather is still frosty? This is your chance to explore some of the seasonal activities and events happening across the city. From winter light shows to drinks by the fire, there are activities for everyone to enjoy at the weekend.

Your Chance to be a Real Tourist...

Now that Christmas is over and London has quietened down for the season, it’s your chance to partake in some of the more iconic tourist activities. Head to the east of The Kensington to see the majestic Buckingham Palace – the London residence of the Queen. Take a handful of photographs in front of the glorious façade before waiting to see the Changing of the Guard at 11am each day. From here, stroll towards Southbank and take in the views of The London Eye and the River Thames, an area usually packed full of people, yet slightly quieter this time of year and waiting to be thoroughly enjoyed.


 Image via Flickr

Head to a Museum

Speaking of snow and frosty weather, escape the cold by heading indoors to one of the city’s many museums. A short walk from The Kensington is the V&A, a world-class building featuring decorative arts and design. Why not try the British Museum, which sits right next to The Bloomsbury? Established in 1753, it is here you are able to discover around 8 million works of history, art and culture. Work your way through the museum and enjoy an afternoon spent in the warmth and comfort of the indoors, surrounded by historical artefacts and ancient art.

Hogwarts in the Snow

If you’re looking to keep the kids amused this weekend, or you yourself are a full-blown Harry Potter fan, how about a visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour’s seasonal exhibit, Hogwarts in the Snow? Up until the end of January, see Hogwarts transformed as you work your way through The Great Hall, where snow-capped trees and hanging icicles create a wintry atmosphere, transporting you into J K Rowling’s literary world. As you work your way through the rest of the tour, you’ll see fireplaces ablaze and buildings blanketed in white snow offering a wintry version of this much-loved story.


 Image via Warner Bros 

Winter Lights at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is hosting a dazzling interactive installation of sparkling lights from international artists. In its fifth year running, the Winter Lights display is sure to amaze with multicoloured fountains, a light maze and many more illuminated installations. This is the perfect photo opportunity, so have your cameras ready to capture this impressive showcase.

Retreat to The Marylebone...

Make your way to The Marylebone where you can dine at 108 Brasserie for an impressively delicious dinner. No doubt you’ll be needing the warmth after a day spent out in the winter weather, so enjoy a warming soup of the day or an iconic British fish and chips with pea purée and tartare sauce. Follow your meal with a finger or two of whiskey or hot coffee at The Cocktail Bar, a warm and elegant space, wrapped in dark wood. Relax in the plush velvet chairs and delicious atmosphere after a weekend well-spent in London.