mardi, 17, juin 2014

To the Races! Milliner Edel Ramberg offers hat tips...

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Tell us what the latest hat trends are this season?

The trends coming through this season for racing vary for each day. Mid-week at Ascot, people tend to go for pillboxes, stiffened berets and smaller contemporary headpieces,  whereas on Ladies Day the bigger the better. Discs, wide-brimmed hats and front-sitting discs for statement head-turning pieces are my most popular designs for Ladies Day. 

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What makes a winning headpiece?

You need to consider the overall look. The hat should complement the woman’s face, shape, and outfit without appearing to be fighting for attention with the person underneath. Never wear a hat for the sake of it, consider it an accessory to punctuate your style.

If the wearer’s style is elegant, and she looks comfortable and confident, she will stand out more than someone with a big elaborate piece on their head just to be noticed because you will end up standing out for the wrong reasons.

What is the best go-to hat? 

For me, I like a client who is looking for a bespoke piece to get more than one wear out of it. If you are going to get something special made, you most definitely need to meet with a milliner who will consider your face shape, hair style and personal style and will be able to offer you advice on what to choose.

How should someone choose a hat to suit their face?

Everyone can wear a hat, you just have to find a shape you are comfortable in. If you are a hat virgin, start with something simple – not too loud and get used to it.

Headpieces need to be worn properly so always look at a designer’s website to see how they have that particular style. There is nothing worse than seeing someone wear a hat in the middle of the head that should be worn over their right eyebrow. Do your research and you will reap the benefits in all your photographs. 

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What about different face shapes?

It is always best to get advice when considering your face shape. You can even ask your hairstylist if you are unsure, as they will always consider your face shape when cutting your hair.

An oval face will always be able to carry various shaped hats, but a petite oval should never drown their face in a big hat. If you have a round face, don’t wear a smaller round headpiece, choose a larger piece to give you length.

If you a long thin face, wear a fuller piece that won’t elongate your face further. If you have sharp features, don’t wear something sharp and linear – opt for something rounded with soft trims.

An extra tip: Always consider your environment and hat proportions. Never wear something too big if you are sitting down to meal at a race meeting. You need to be able to have a conversation with the people on either side of your hat.

You create an eclectic mix of hats, so tell us about your inspiration.  

My inspiration comes from everywhere: cobwebs for detail and texture, food for colour, flowers for trim and delicate detail. My current collection is based on the human body and its make up. One of my pieces was inspired by the rib cage, while other pieces are shaped like the eye, and the intestine. 

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You trained under famous milliner Philip Treacy. What’s the best fashion advice he gave?

 “A hat gives you confidence.” It is so true. As soon as you put a hat on, you stand taller and want to be noticed. It makes you feel beautiful.

What is your favourite hat and why?

Currently, I am loving my ‘Birdie’ hat. It has a lot of detail: a disc layered in a weave fabric and a tiny little red bird hidden amongst the flower detail. This was inspired by my mum’s garden, she always has the most beautiful roses and chirping birds each year.  

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What trends can we expect in the upcoming year?

This year my hats have got bigger. I have invested in some stunning new wooden blocks (which is what the hats are moulded on), and I am really looking forward to trying out some new dramatic shapes.

Your only hurdle now is to choose a winning hat…

For more information, see or follow Edel on Twitter: @EdelRamberg