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The River Lee

Wine Geese at The River Lee

The Irish wine connection is stronger than you think...

Wines with an Irish link at The River Lee

Whether you’re unwinding at the end of the day, or sitting down to enjoy a meal, sometimes nothing beats a glass of wine. But often we can fall into the habit of always sticking to our favourites, rather than trying something new. And a wine menu can be a little off putting, with indecipherable names and vintages. 

The wine menu at The River Club Bar, Terrace & Grill, however, couldn’t be better curated (or easier to understand). The list was curated by Irish Master of Wine Anne McHale, one of only 370 people worldwide to hold this prestigious title. And it perfectly complements the high quality of the food offerings and the stylish surroundings. 

Irish wines at The River Lee in Cork.

The wine selection ranges from trusted classics to unusual gems, all reflecting current trends in the wine world. Guests are able to enjoy a wine in any style they prefer, from the clean crispness of a Chablis or classic Sauvignon Blanc to an elegant Burgundy, rich New World Shiraz or slightly more unusual Italian Primitivo. There is a wine to match every palate, occasion and dish.

There’s actually a strong connection between Ireland and the wine world. Believe it or not, the Irish are associated with some of the world’s finest wines, says Anne McHale MW (Master of Wine at The Doyle Collection).

“Wine estates with a connection to Ireland are known as ‘The Irish Wine Geese’, an adaptation of the term ‘Wild Geese’” says Anne. “This term originally referred specifically to soldiers who fled Ireland to France after the Battle of the Boyne. It then came to be used more broadly to refer to any Irish people who emigrated during the 16th- 18thcenturies. The term ‘Wine Geese’ evolved later to refer to the Irish emigrants who over the centuries have become involved in the wine trade, most notably in Bordeaux in France but more recently all over the world.”

A white that has an Irish connection is the 2014 Château Montelena Chardonnay, from Napa Valley in California. There’s also a St Emilion Bordeaux from Thomas Barton 2016, and a Róisín Curley Beaune Rouge 2015 from Burgundy. Another Californian option is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Château Montelena
2014 from Napa Valley, all of which have an Irish connection. 

There are plenty of other options available by the glass, if you are opting for a different wine than your companion or simply want to enjoy just the one. There are also some organic wines available, like theMaison Blondelet 2016 Sancerre. For a sunny day, the rosé, Domaine Horgélus 2016 from Gascony, is a delight, and there’s also an organic prosecco. 

You can see more about the wine menu at The River Club Bar, Terrace & Grill on the website