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How to have a healthy brunch

At Cafe Dupont in Washington D.C.

At Cafe Dupont in Washington D.C., weekend brunch is a popular city choice, with plenty of healthy options as well as brunch classics.

When the weekend rolls around, nothing beats lingering over a delicious meal with friends. And brunch is a meal that incorporates so much good food… think Eggs Benedict, swathed in a rich, buttery hollandaise sauce. Or Steak and Eggs, with crispy hash browns and herby tomatoes… or classic pancakes, light and fluffy with strips of bacon and rivers of maple syrup.

But what do you do if you’re trying to eat healthily? If you don’t have a ‘treat day’ scheduled but still want to dine out with friends, can you still enjoy a brunch while keeping things light?

Well, you can at Café Dupont. The Dupont Circle’s hotspot is always popular for weekend brunches, and with good reason. The menu is filled with all the gorgeous dishes above (as well as a whole host of other treats – think truffle fries, banana French toast and cinnamon buns). But there is also a wealth of healthy options to choose from.

If you want to keep things light, we’ve selected just a few items from the menu that will do the trick…

At Cafe Dupont in Washington D.C., you can choose from decedent brunch options or go healthy with dishes like egg white omelettes, salads and juices.

To Start…

Get things going with some fresh fruit. The freshly sliced fruit comes with watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, so you’ll be starting things off with a really healthy kick.


You’ll have to resist the rich sauces of some of the other egg dishes, but a great egg white omelet is both delicious and nutritious. The Café Dupont dish comes with spinach, goat cheese and red peppers.


You can never go wrong with a salad, and this beautiful superfood dish has everything you need to fill you up with positive, feel-good ingredients. The Superfood Salad incorporates arugula, white chicory, sprouts, buckwheat, heirloom tomato and sunflower seeds.

For something filling…

If you want a really substantial main dish, opt for the grilled skuna bay salmon with balsamic black lentils, celery root and tuscan kale. The lentils and kale will keep you full for hours and the salmon is packed with healthy omegas.

To drink…

Opt for a fresh juice from The Juicery, which offers a variety of healthy juices. Opt for a green, vegetable based juice to really boost your body and mind. For a hot drink, black coffee is best, though there are also a variety of herbal teas on offer too.

You can see more about brunch at Café Dupont on the website.