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The River Lee

How to have a healthy minibreak in Cork

A virtuous night away...

Have a healthy break in Cork at The River Lee, with its own high tech gym, swimming pool, hot tub and sauna.

It’s the time of year when health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. After what feels like weeks of rich food, a distinct lack of exercise and perhaps a little too much wine, January always feels like a month to take stock and get back on track.

But that doesn’t mean you need to embark upon a strict routine of restriction... and it doesn’t mean that relaxing minibreaks are out of the question. This is the best time of year to take some time out for you, after the manic festive season. All it takes to keep things healthy is a few smart decisions and a little forward planning – you won’t even have to forego an evening cocktail.

The River Lee is the perfect choice for a healthy winter minibreak. With a location just outside Cork’s city centre, it’s the ideal spot for a walking, and there’s also a fantastic gym right on site.

Follow our tips, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed, revitalised and all the healthier… 

It's easy to make healthy choices with a stay at The River Lee, where you can enjoy healthy menu options and skinny prosecco.

Eating Wisely

The problem with winter is that the chilly air makes us crave rich, creamy comfort foods, all to try and keep warm and cosy. But after a while, that richness can leave us feeling a little sluggish. There are plenty of options in The Weir Room that will satisfy your taste buds without leaving you overstuffed. The seared tuna starter is packed full of goodness, and served with a wasabi crème fraiche and mixed baby leaves that are bursting with goodness. Fish is always a good choice for a main course, too – try the grilled Dover sole, or Asian inspired salmon with west coast seaweed. 

It’s the side dishes that often arouse the most temptation, but if you’re feeling really virtuous and can resist the potato’s call, then stick with the green beans or tender stem broccoli.

At breakfast, stick to grilled items or protein packed dishes like scrambled eggs, and make the most of the fresh fruit and granola on offer. You can also amp up the goodness by ordering a fresh juice from The Juicery – try the Graceful Greens smoothie with pear, rocket, cucumber, lemon, mint, kale and JAX Coco Water for a real vitamin boost.

Keep fit on a hotel break at The River Lee, where you can join in any number of free classes from spinning to Zumba.

Keeping Active

How often do you check into a hotel with great plans for using the gym, only to somehow lose track along the way? Well, it’s much harder to resist the call of NRG Fitness & Health, the onsite gym at The River Lee. As well as a full and impressive gym, featuring weight machines, spin area, dedicated free weights area and cardio equipment, there’s a full swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room facilities.

If you find it hard to motivate yourself on your own, then join in one of the many fitness classes available throughout the week. All guests of The River Lee are welcome to join in a class – just check out the schedule and book in advance to make sure there’s a space. You could try spinning, hot yoga, Zumba, Body Sculpt… the list is nearly endless! Check out our post on Five Fitness Classes to Try

Keeping fit has never looked so good.

A Gentle Tipple

Unless you’re partaking in Dry January, you’ll likely want to treat yourself to a little tipple while you’re away. But while some drinks can be filled with calories that you might want to avoid, there are healthier options available. If you’re a cocktail lover, then stick to something without cream, sweet liqueurs or additional sugar – something like a Dry House Martini or an Aperol Spritz. You can always ask the bartender to whisk you up something to your wishes, so you’ll be left with the cocktail of your dreams. You can also find Skinny Prosecco on the menu – there are just 66 calories per glass, and half the amount of sugar you’d usually find (you can read about the launch in Balfes here).

You can find out more about The River Lee and view the latest offers here.