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Five Fitness Classes To Try in Cork

Get ready for the new year!

working out in The River Lee


It seems like every January runs like clockwork. Whether your New Year’s resolution was to get up and get healthy, or you’re just restless after a lethargic Christmas, January is all about getting fit.

But if you’re struggling to build up the enthusiasm for a run (particularly when the mornings and evenings are so dark) then an exercise class could be perfect. You’re inside (a big bonus), there’s someone telling you exactly what to do, and there’s the camaraderie of being in a group.

The NRG Fitness & Health is one of Cork’s premium members-only fitness clubs, with state of the art equipment, personal trainers, a 20m pool and sauna/steam facilities to boot. There is also an extensive range of fitness classes on offer. We’ve picked out five that will leave you with the fitness bug.

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Spinning has taken the world by storm over the last few years, and with good reason. Rather than simply cycling on a stationery bike on your own, these classes are led by an instructor who calls out specific instructions to upbeat music. You’re guaranteed to build up a sweat (and then some) as well as toning your legs, glutes and arms.

Hot Yoga

Another popular workout, hot yoga is a class that takes place in a warm room, meaning your muscles are more pliable and you sweat more during a class. The asana (poses) are the same in each class, which means you can see your progress and learn a ‘routine’.


Fitness is all about strength, and there’s no better way of improving your strength than lugging around some kettlebells! Starting to lift with an instructor means that you’ll be certain you’re working out properly, performing the motions in a way that’s both safe and effective.

Aqua Aerobics

If you want to ease yourself into a more gentle exercise, working out in the water is a great way to start. You’ll still have an excellent workout, but the water will support and cool you.


Exercise needn’t mean barbells and dead weights. TRX works by using your own body weight as a tool, with suspension. You’ll work out more muscle groups at the same time, and build strength in your core.

All of these classes, and more, are available at the NRG gym in Cork. You can find the timetable of classes on the NRG website here ( http://www.nrgfitness.ie/locations/cork/timetables/). All guests staying at The River Lee have free access to classes at the gym.