Sunday, 29, June 2014

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The Westbury

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Niamh Allabyrne

A Glass Act in The Westbury Hotel

Flamboyant, colourful, innovative and creative - just some of the words to describe the bold and beautiful glass works of American artist  Dale Chihuly. Working in the medium of glass since the 1960’s, Chihuly has received numerous awards for his works which are housed in collections worldwide. He is viewed as influencing the medium of glasswork and developing the genre to include not only smaller pieces but much larger scale sculptures, revolutionising the word of glass and introducing new techniques and skills into the creative process. 

Glass Act - image 1

Originally working as a solitary artist, after two accidents in the 1970’s he moved towards collaborative projects. He gathered teams of artists together to create a wide range of works, which allowed him to gain a fresh perspective on the creation of the pieces and how they could be designed and developed. The results are spectacular. Full of movement with a riot of colour, his pieces have ranged in both size and style. From indoor to outdoor, chandeliers to cylinders, baskets and bridges to dominating installations – his work is as diverse as it is distinctive.  

Glass Act - image 2

Chihuly’s influences are many and varied and throughout his career they have fuelled and inspired his creativity. From Navajo to Venetian and Japanese his vision and work reflects his experiences and travels. He has also had a relationship with Ireland for many years, most notably as being the first artist outside of Ireland to be allowed into the Waterford Crystal Factory where in 1995, he created several pieces crafted in a heady mix of his own indisputable style with the traditions of Waterford Crystal. 

Glass Act - image 3

Indeed, Chihuly’s relationship with Ireland continues. There is an exhibition of his work currently taking place in Solomon Fine Art Gallery – a neighbour and friend of The Doyle Collection’s Westbury Hotel with The Macchia with Glass Lip Wrap on display in The Westbury Hotel from June 20th to July 31st - kindly given on loan from Solomon's. The Westbury Hotel is home  to one Ireland's most impressive privately owned art collections, and Chihuly's work will be in the company of works by Louis le Brocquy and Sir John Lavery.

To see a work of this skill and design in the salubrious surroundings of The Westbury Hotel is both unique and special – and this opportunity should not be missed! So whether staying in the hotel or enjoying Afternoon Tea, dinner or cocktails, be sure and view this piece first hand and take in its captivating aesthetic and dynamic form in all its perfect glory.