Friday, 29, January 2016

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Nicola Brady

The New BodyByrne Breakfast at Balfes

Start the day right!

Enjoy the the new healthy breakfast in Balfes in Dublin, in partnership with BodyByrne Fitness.


This is the time of year where fitness is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Gym classes are booked up, there are more joggers on the streets, and people are looking to get healthy and fix the damage caused by Christmas.

But when you’re eating out, it can be tough to find choices that help you in your quest for wellness – particularly at breakfast. Luckily, Balfes have just launched their new collaboration with BodyByrne Fitness, offering healthy breakfast options for health conscious diners.

Paul Byrne and David Murray at the launch of Power Plates for Breakfast at Balfes in partnership with BodyByrne Fitness

Paul Byrne and David Murray at the launch

Working with Siobhan and Paul Byrne of BodyByrne Fitness, the new menu options utilise the skill and nutritional knowledge of the two experts, who have 27 years experience training some of Ireland’s most elite athletes and stars. Their know-how, in combination with the culinary flair of the folks in Balfes, makes for a winning menu.

As Paul Byrne of BodyByrne says, “You can't out train a bad diet - people can work out 6-7 days a week but if their nutrition is poor they will never see any results. It is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise; abs really are made in the kitchen.”

David Murray, Balfes Manager comments, “At Balfes we understand that our guest’s time is precious and nutrition is key. Our new BodyByrne Menu at Balfes offers something for everyone and caters to our customers’ every need with good food and nutrition at the heart of the offering.”

With that in mind, you can find dishes on the menu like BodyByrne Eggs Florentine, made with wholemeal toast and a yogurt dressing, rather than the rich muffin and fat-heavy original. Pancakes are always a favourite at breakfast or brunch, and they can still be enjoyed with Balfes’ healthy twist. Made with energy rich oats, they come with a choice of three toppings - berries & agave nectar, scrambled eggs & avocado or almond butter & banana. All three are nutritional powerhouses, designed to boost your energy levels and provide optimum benefits. 

If you’d rather stick to something along the granola route, there are two options - BodyByrne Turbo Energy Granola with Greek yogurt and berries, or BodyByrne Bircher Muesli Energy booster with berry compote.

You can even give yourself a real shot of vigour with the BulletByrne Coffee, with a shot of coconut oil to regulate caffeine and keep you fuller for longer.

The new BodyByrne breakfasts launched earlier in January, with Dublin’s elite tucking into the new offerings. 


The BodyByrne breakfast and brunch options are available, along with many other breakfast menu choices, Monday to Friday 8am - 11.30am, with a selected offering served on Saturday & Sunday from 10am - 3pm as part of the weekend Brunch menu. See more at