Friday, 09, December 2016

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The Westbury

Boodles Pink Diamond Cocktail

A stylish new cocktail in The Westbury

Enjoy a fashionable cocktail with Dom Perignon in The Westbury, in collaboration with Boodles of Grafton Street.

With a position in the heart of the bustling shopping district of Grafton Street, The Westbury has always been a fashionista’s dream. The hotel’s proximity to some of the best shopping in Dublin means that there are often collaborations with premium brands, and the latest has just been announced...

Inspired by Boodles beautiful rare coloured diamond collection, The Westbury’s Head Mixologist Michael O’Shea has created the Boodles Pink Diamond Cocktail. This luxurious concoction celebrates the unique pink diamond collection, using the highest quality of ingredients.

The blush-hued cocktail includes Blackwater Strawberry Gin, Dolin Chambreyzette, Dom Perignon topped with lemon juice, fresh strawberry and basil. Michael is renowned for his imaginative combinations, and relishes the chance to create something new.

“As a mixologist, I love having opportunities to create different and unique drinks. For this partnership between Boodles and The Westbury, I really wanted to craft a drink which captured the essence of these two luxurious brands. Getting the right balance between the different ingredients and paying attention to the finer details was the key to channelling the Boodles pink diamond collection in this cocktail”

Speaking about the partnership James Amos, Director of Boodles commentated;

“We are delighted with the collaboration between Boodles and the Westbury culminating in the stunning Boodles Pink Diamond Cocktail. It represents the synergy between the two brands and the cocktail reflects the feel of luxury and glamour. The pink colour of the cocktail is reminiscent of Boodles rare and sought after pink diamond collection. Pink diamonds are sourced for their extraordinary beauty and wonder. Boodles are a preferred partner of the prestigious Rio Tinto mine in Northern Australia which means we are given special access to the first crop of pink diamonds every year. The cocktail is topped with Don Perignon which evokes the nostalgia of an opulent and luxurious bygone age.”

The Boodles Pink Diamond Cocktail is available over the festive season at The Westbury, which means you can enjoy the special drink while soaking in the Christmas atmosphere and enjoying the decorations. It costs €22.

For more information, see The Westbury’s page here

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