Thursday, 01, October 2015

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Bristol Harbourside

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Nicola Brady

What makes a green hotel?

The Bristol is working towards a top eco label.

The Bristol's lounge area


It’s a concept that’s gone from being a buzzword to an expected standard over the last few years. Eco-friendly hotels are top of the wish list for discerning travellers, and now you can add The Bristol to that list.

The Bristol has been working hard to make sure that every aspect of the hotel is as environmentally friendly as possible. Their eco policy covers everything from the lightbulbs that you find in the hotel rooms to the locally sourced food on your plate at dinner. 

The aims of the hotel are summed up in their Pillars of Sustainability…

Honey pot from The Bristol's breakfast menu

Energy and Efficiency
Making sure that everything relating to power is as efficient as possible

Using water wisely
Both through new systems and awareness campaigns

Waste Management
Both restricting landfill waste and recycling as much as possible

Travel and Transport
Providing staff and guests with sustainable transport options

Planning and Resilience
Preparing for the future

Happy and Healthy
Making sure the workforce is happy and healthy!

Sustainable Sourcing
Focusing on locally sourced products and ingredients

Social Involvement
Working with the local community

Nature and Culture
Being an active part of the culture and the legacy of Bristol Green Capital 2015

The aim is to be achieve the Green Tourism Business Scheme Award. This prestigious honour isn’t given lightly, and requires a great deal of work and co-operation.

To help this happen, The Bristol has created a Green Power Group, with representatives from every department in the hotel. They meet every fortnight to work through the Green Action Plan, and make sure everything is working like clockwork.

But it’s not all policies and strategy. The hotel have held a Green Festival, pop-up stalls and games, as well a happy and healthy picnic held in Queen Square, opposite the hotel.

There’s a copy of the “Green Guest Journey” booklet available in the lobby for anyone to read. This has plenty of information about the environmental policy of the hotel (did you know that their new lifts provide their own energy, and use half as much power than boiling a kettle does?)

Of course, none of the policies compromise the quality of the hotel or the experience of the guest. It’s a big commitment on the behalf of The Bristol, but one that they felt couldn’t be ignored, particularly as Bristol is the European Green Capital of 2015. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly break in a city that takes sustainability seriously, you can’t go wrong with The Bristol