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Secrets of a Concierge : The Dupont Circle Hotel

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Here, we talk to Michael High, Chief Concierge at The Dupont Circle Hotel, to find out where to go in Washington DC.

If you had just arrived in the city, I would suggest getting the touristy stuff out of the way first. Start with the  White HouseSmithsonian museums and the  US Capitol Building.

I think Embassy Row is magnificent, especially in the spring. The British Embassy is my personal favourite. 

If you only had a few hours to explore the city, I would suggest going to the National Mall, and then seeing at least one museum. I’m an art lover, so I would go to The National Gallery of Art East Building. Then you would have to try to see the WWII memorial, the new Martin Luther King Jr memorial, and then go to the top of the Washington Monument. I think if you made it to all of them, you would be able to go back home and say you hit some of the main attractions. And of course, you can’t miss the White House, which is only a 15 minute walk from The Dupont Circle Hotel.

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Everyone who comes to Washington should go to the  Newseum. I am a big history geek and the Newseum does it for me. When you first come up to the entrance, you will see every headline from every newspaper in the world… in real time. Seriously! Also, being that it is a very interactive museum, you can actually make a video of yourself doing a mock newscast. How cool is that?

If you were looking for a bar, I would recommend the Old Ebbitt Grill. The Old Ebbitt Grill is the oldest restaurant in Washington, and is a great spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s a great meeting spot for locals and politicians, and it’s near the White House.

Washington is fast becoming a very hip place to be. There are so many cool neighbourhoods with great restaurants, bars, and clubs to explore. You might have to make two trips - one for the typical tourist stuff and one trip to just hang out in this very cool city. 

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The most popular question we’re asked by guests is “Where can we go for Brunch?” I would first suggest our restaurant, Café Dupont. I think we have one of the best brunches in Dupont Circle! Then I would suggest where I’m at every Saturday for lunch and that is Circa @ Dupont, which is right around the corner from our hotel.

The thing I love most about my job is talking to people from all over the world. I wouldn’t consider myself an introvert, but I am kind of shy when I’m in an environment where I don’t know anyone. When I’m working, I get a chance to break out of my shyness by forcing myself to speak to everyone who walks or stops by my desk. Once a conversation starts it’s sometimes hard for me to stop talking!

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