Thursday, 29, June 2017

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Nicola Brady

How to glow like Elle Macpherson

A healthy new offering from The Juicery


How to Glow Like Elle Macpherson

Nothing feels as nutritious and nourishing as a freshly made juice or smoothie,  bursting with goodness and healthy ingredients. And since the launch of The Juicery throughout The Doyle Collection hotels, including The Westbury, it’s never been easier to get a shot of wellness in the heart of Dublin. 

The menu of juices and smoothies has enjoyed phenomenal success, and now a new drink has been added to the menu - the WelleCo Nourishing Protein Powder Boosting Berry Smoothie.

The new smoothie is made with a combination of almond milk, frozen berries, bananas and dates, along with an extra-special ingredient - Elle Macpherson’s ‘Super Elixir’ Nourishing Vanilla Protein Powder. As well as making for a delicious smoothie, the blend leaves the skin radiant and nourished.

Created by international leaders in nutrition and integrative medicine, the newest Juicery offering assists individuals in functioning at the optimal level. The Australian wellness company WelleCo, founded in 2014 by Elle Macpherson, is dedicated to producing premium, organic wholefood supplements to boost nutrition and keep the body in a healthy alkaline range. 

How to Glow Like Elle Macpherson


The Westbury is leading the way in terms of accommodating the real needs of guests – they know that people want nutritious, mindful options when it comes to eating and drinking, as well as more decadent options. In Balfes, you can enjoy a menu of healthy dishes in co-ordination with BodyByrne, with options like protein pancakes, bircher muesli and healthy granola.

The Juicery offering is available throughout the hotel; in WILDE, on The Gallery and also for Private Meetings and Events at The Westbury. 

The WelleCo Protein Powder Boosting Berry Smoothie available at The Westbury is € 6.50 for Medium and € 8.50 for Large. 

The Juicery menu is available exclusively from The Doyle Collection, and you can see more  here.