Tuesday, 30, October 2018

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Winter Warmers: How to Keep Warm this Autumn

Ward the frostbite away with these warming fireplaces dotted around London

Keeping warm is slowly becoming a full-time occupation now that the temperature is dropping in London. Whilst swamping coats, woolly hats, chunky knitted scarves and gloves might do the job for a little while, you’ll always be on the lookout for respite from the biting breeze out on the streets. Luckily, there are some tropical-feeling spots around the city, bringing you roaring fireplaces and a comforting drink to ward the frostbite away.


The Sitting Room The Bloomsbury


The Sitting Room, The Bloomsbury

Tucked away in The Bloomsbury is a beautiful crackling fireplace located in the charmingly cosy Sitting Room. With patterned wallpaper lining the walls, coral-coloured seating and low-lit lamps, this is the perfect place to escape the cold. Located in London’s literary corner, where the famous Bloomsbury Set was formed, choose this spot to curl up with a book and relax. Perhaps you’ll choose a classic Virginia Woolf novel or the plays of Oscar Wilde – whatever you decide, reading in The Sitting Room feels like an all-enveloping warm hug.


The Kensington

Another beautiful and warm spot to bring your numb fingers and toes back to life is at The Kensington. This location boasts two open fireplaces. The first is located just by the lobby and is surrounded by chic interior details: marble pillars, chandeliers, modern art hanging on the walls and plush velvet cushions. The second can be found tucked underneath the staircase; surrounded by cosy armchairs, it is the best spot to revel in the calming, homely atmosphere.

The Kensington Fireplace


The Eagle – North Kensington

If you’re looking for a chic and classic (not to mention, warm) gastro-pub, you’ll love The Eagle. North of The Kensington, this very British drinking house boasts a wood fire, beautiful dark wood tables, leather and velvet chairs and gallons upon gallons of raw lager. This season, the pub feels dark and comfortable, an ideal respite from the bitter cold. Also served here is an all-day menu featuring their classic burgers, steak and burrata for those of you who are feeling peckish and need warming from the inside-out.


The Holly Bush - Hampstead

This pub is as sweet as its name sounds - The Holly Bush is a gorgeously classic inn which sits in scenic Hampstead. With dark wooden walls, hanging chandeliers, candelabras and little details of holly riddled throughout the venue, this wonderfully British pub is worth escaping to. After a brisk autumnal walk on Hampstead Heath, enjoy a full hearty roast on Sundays next to their blazing fire.

The Holly Bush

Photo from Hollybushhampstead.co.uk


The Cross Keys – Covent Garden

Located right in the centre of London, a short stroll south of The Bloomsbury, The Cross Keys lies in Covent Garden. So, after a day of shopping, escape into the warming deep amber shades of this Victorian pub. A menagerie of ornaments line the walls and surfaces of this tavern, so if you’re looking for something of a historic spectacle and a unfalteringly iconic English experience, this is the place for you.