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Nicola Brady

How to set sail at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Grounded hot air ballons participating in the  Bristol Balloon Fiesta

The flames shoot up into the sky as the balloon starts to gently ascend, as its passengers look down in delight. It makes for a magical scene.Now imagine seeing hundreds of balloons soaring into the air, all at the same time. 

The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is one of the highlights of the year, and sees over 100 balloons fly above the city from the Ashton Court Estate. There are countless opportunities to witness the spectacle, whether you make your way there at dawn for the ‘breakfast and balloons’ event at 6am, or see the mass ascents at 6pm.

There are plenty of other activities too, with model aircraft flying displays, model balloon parades, inflation races, balloon tethering and appearances from the RAF Falcons parachute team. There’s also a live music stage throughout the weekend, which runs from 6th – 9th August. 

Hotair alloons in flight

Hot air balloons at night as part of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta

And if you want to take flight yourself, it’s not too late. Bailey Balloons are offering a package which includes…

  • Up to an hour’s hot air balloon flight
  • Chilled champagne on touch down.
  • A flight certificate and transport back to the fiesta site.
  • In flight photos can be purchased as a memento of your flight.

Visit  Bailey Balloons to find out more.  

You can see more about the Fiesta  on the official site

Don’t forget that if the weather is on your side, you can get an amazing view of the balloons from  The Bristol Hotel, either on the terrace or in one of the bedrooms with a river view.