Sunday, 22, September 2019

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Introducing the Cocktail Diviner at The Bloomsbury Club Bar

Enjoy mystical cocktail stories told through the Bloomsbury Bars new host

As September officially launches the final farewell to the British Summer, the Bloomsbury Bar, in perfect timing, are introducing a cocktail concept with a fresh new twist to the tails of its menu this fall.

Cocktail Diviner


The Doyle Collection’s moody and seductive Bloomsbury Bar, will play host to an immersive experience as it takes its guests through a whirlwind timeline of events, to evoke the debauched antics of The Bloomsbury Set, with a night which will be filled with an air of telepathy, divination and mystical elements to completely heighten your experience.

Set in the heart of literary Bloomsbury, the Bloomsbury bar’s space will become a backdrop to a realm of tale-telling liquors inspired by The Bloomsbury Set’s attitudes towards religion, art and their exploration of spiritual meaning. The bar will welcome 14 new spiritually tailored cocktails to its list, which will tie in with 14 different states of mind or being. The main feature however is their ‘Cocktail Diviner’ who will guide each of the guest’s emotional state, revealing their deepest desires and secrets, as a result, prophesising their perfectly tailored choice of cocktail to enjoy for that evening.



The Bloomsbury set were notorious for their unorthodox beliefs of an inter-connected universe throughout the Victorian period. Honing in on this era’s culture of spirituality throughout the aftermath of World-War two, the menu draws its inspiration from a special set of Tarot cards designed and dating back to 1910. Expect to be met with an eclectic mix of drinks such as ‘Persian Mist’ and the ‘Forbidden Fruit’ mocked up with spirits and flavours to mirror the unrestrained tastes of this private members club.

Enjoy a tipple within the Bloomsbury Bars 1930s style decadence, split into two areas, as it’s plush furnishings and atmospheric lighting invite you to escape the days hustle and bustle. Billing itself as the type of drink menu London has been missing, the Doyle Collection’s themed bar will celebrate the golden age of cocktails, with a strong mix of recognised classics, served along some creative new tastes for it’s guests to try.