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Introducing the Lavender Haze: The Ultimate Summer Refresher


Discover the ultimate summer refresher – the Lavender Haze. This exquisite cocktail is a perfect fusion of Absolut Elyx vodka, freshly squeezed lemon and orange juices, and the aromatic citrus notes of Italicus. Topped with a rich, velvety lavender foam and garnished with a toasted sprig of rosemary, this libation promises to take your taste buds on a blissful journey to summer serenity.

Unlock the Recipe

To create the Lavender Haze, gather the following ingredients:

  • 2 oz. Absolut Elyx: This premium vodka is known for its smoothness and character.
  • 1 oz. lemon juice: The tangy freshness of the lemon complements the floral notes of lavender perfectly.
  • 2 oz. fresh squeezed orange juice: This brings a burst of sweetness to the mix.
  • 1 oz. Italicus: This Italian liqueur, infused with bergamot and other botanicals, contributes a lovely citrus and floral essence.

Master the Art of the Lavender Haze - Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Combine all ingredients in a tall glass.
  2. Gently stir the mixture to ensure the flavors are well incorporated.
  3. Chill and when you’re ready to serve, pour the mixture over ice in a Collins glass.
  4. Heighten the experience by garnishing with a sprig of fresh rosemary and grated lemon zest.
  5. Top off the cocktail with a homemade Lillet lavender foam (recipe below).

Elevate Your Cocktail with Homemade Lavender Foam

This velvety and aromatic topping is sure to elevate your libation to new heights. Here's a simple guide to making it:

  1. In a whipped cream charger, combine 2 oz. simple syrup, 4 oz. water, 8 oz. egg white, 2 oz. Lillet, and 2 oz. Crème de Violette.
  2. Charge the mixture in the dispenser and add as much as desired to the top of the libation.

Entertain in Style

While this cocktail recipe yields a single serving, it can easily be batched to serve more people. Simply multiply the measurements by the number of guests. For example, if you wish to serve 10 people, use 20 oz. of Absolut Elyx, 10 oz. of lemon juice, and so on.

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