Thursday, 14, January 2016

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Nicola Brady

The Juicery comes to Ireland

The Juicery meets The Doyle Collection

Healthy Juices


Juicing has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years. Those in the know have been ‘drinking their greens’ with healthful, nutritious concoctions, or going full pelt with a juice cleanse.

But juicing at home can be a major hassle – you’ll find cleaning the machine takes longer than juicing itself – and store bought drinks can be far too reliant on sugary fruits, rather than vegetables.

Enter The Juicery. Operating since 2012, the innovative juice bar and cafe concept was founded by New York health expert Cindy Palusamy. And following the amazing success of The Juicery in The Doyle Collection’s London hotels; The Marylebone, The Kensington and The Bloomsbury, the Irish family-owned business is excited to announce the exclusive arrival of The Juicery in all of its Irish hotels.

At The Westbury, The River Lee and The Croke Park, juices are also available for guests and visitors alike, whether they’re enjoying a meal in one of the top restaurants, or just in need of a healthy boost during the day.

Pat King CEO of The Doyle Collection comments:

“Food and Beverage is such an integral part of The Doyle Collection experience. Our menus in all our restaurants and bars are inspired by the best in local and artisanal produce, offering uncomplicated food, made from the highest quality ingredients, be they farmed, foraged or fished. The Juicery is one of the key attributes that sets us apart from our competitors and allows our hotels to cater to our customers’ needs and busy lifestyles, where time is precious and nutrition is key. Our guests have many choices! They can if they wish detox with a wonderful juice from The Juicery along with a superfood salad during the day and retox later that night in one of our beautifully appointed restaurants and bars”.

Selection of juices in The Juicery

The menu offers an array of juices and smoothies, all designed with flavour and nutrition in mind. Created by international leaders in nutrition and integrative medicine, The Juicery options allow individuals to function at the optimal level. Far from a simple apple or orange juice, these recipes will leave you energised, vibrant and full of energy.

Take the Hollywood, for example, made with with carrot, orange, turmeric and mint leaves. Perfect for midwinter, this nutrient packed juice is brimming with goodness. And the classic milkshake is given a makeover with theMalted Milkshake,a combination of coconut water, almond butter, dates and vanilla protein created for The Juicery by Dr Alexander Junger, Founder of the most supportive detox programme on the planet, Clean. 

All of their juices are handmade with locally-sourced organic ingredients that nourish the body and satisfy taste buds. Juices and smoothies are available from €6.50 each, and you can view the menu here…

The Juicery is available from all of The Doyle Collection hotels. 

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