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Mon Voyage Avec St-Germain

Charlotte Charret, Head Bartender of Dalloway Terrace contributes to the Elderflower harvest in France ahead of the Terrace’s partnership with St-Germain, Elderflower Liquer this summer

As a Head Bartender, I always get to take part in some exciting initiatives, but perhaps the most exciting of them all this spring has been to take part in the ‘Voyage St-Germain’.

At the end of May, along with several bartenders from London and Paris, I headed to Ardèche, in France, to handpick wild elderflowers and learn how to make St-Germain, a unique (and award-winning!) elderflower liqueur.


Group Pic


The trip was headed by St-Germain’s Global Brand Ambassador Camille Vidal, also known as ‘Madame St Germain’. Camille firmly believes in making hospitality a healthier environment to work in, so every morning began with a revitalising yoga class taught by her, to remind us of the importance of finding time to focus on ourselves, as the a bartender’s life can be quite hectic at times.




After yoga, we set out in the direction of the fields in search of the specific wild flower used to create this delicious liquor. Interestingly, not all elderflower can be used in St-Germain, hence the importance of hand picking and selecting the plant. Once we had spent the morning in the fields, it was time for the maceration, a process where all the elderflowers collected is poured into a machine filled with hot water and left for two hours to soften.

What to do during these two hours you ask? A St-Germain picnic, of course! We enjoyed the glorious French weather while eating lovely St-Germain infused dishes and drinking delicious St-Germain cocktails. When we had finished this delightful picnic, it was time take to take on the role of Master Distiller and sample the product created from the maceration. All that was left is to add the sugar and alcohol, which is done in Pecan, northern France, where the final liqueur is bottled.



It was such a lovely experience for me to take part in, as I am such a big fan of this unique French liqueur. Inspired by my trip, I have created a St-Germain cocktail menu inspired by my home, France, and the wonderful city I fell in love with, London. The menu will be available throughout July and August in our alfresco restaurant, Dalloway Terrace.

À bientôt, and remember to drink French fluently.

Dalloway Terrace is delighted to announce that July 2018 will see the new highly anticipated summer floral installation - guaranteed to offer guests a little je ne sais quo - in collaboration with St-Germain, the French elderflower liqueur lovingly referred to as ‘Parisian Life in a Bottle’.

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All images by Charlotte Charret.